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Nurses play a crucial role in patient care. In a hospital or other medical facility, nurses perform much of the day-to-day care of a patient, answering requests for help, monitoring medical equipment, and responding to emergency situations. They are often considered a patient’s first and primary advocate and will, in carrying out the attending physician’s orders, be responsible for administering medication, changing dressings, monitoring a patient’s condition, and much more.

Nursing malpractice occurs when a nurse fails to provide standard care and a patient suffers injury as a result. There are different types of malpractice that may be committed by a nurse, such as:

  • Failing to properly monitor a patient
  • Delayed or no response to patient distress
  • Failing to notify the attending physician when necessary
  • Improperly administering medication
  • Failing to note key changes on a patient’s chart

Were you injured because a nurse did not provide proper care? Call the Washington DC nursing malpractice attorneys at Fay Law Group today at (202) 589-1300. We can help.

Seeking Fair Compensation for Nurse Malpractice in the District of Columbia & Maryland

If a nurse committed an act of malpractice by failing to provide a standard level of care, monitoring, or treatment, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. This suit may be filed against the hospital or other facility where the nurse is employed, or perhaps against another party, depending on the situation. Our Washington DC nurse malpractice lawyers will carefully investigate and prepare your case to determine any and all possible sources of financial compensation.

After suffering injuries caused by nursing malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical care, future treatment, emotional trauma, lost earnings, and loss of future earnings. This can help you build a more stable future for you and your family.

To find out what your case is worth and how we can assist you in righting this wrong, call (202) 589-1300 or contact us online.

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