Cancer Malpractice

Cancer Malpractice


If you are living with cancer, you absolutely rely on the best care from your doctors and medical providers. Any sort of cancer misdiagnosis, delay in treatment, or complete failure to recognize cancer cells or growth at all is completely unacceptable and severely damaging. To help cancer patients and their families set things right after a medical mistake that worsened or did not help their cancer, Fay Law Group, P.A. and our Washington DC cancer malpractice attorneys are offering FREE initial consultations to inquiring clients. Call (202) 589-1300 today to tell us about what happened, and we can tell you how our legal talents can assist you.

Different Ways Cancer Malpractice Can Occur

Doctors who are helping patients with cancer must follow the utmost standards of medical care to be certain their diagnoses, prognoses, and treatments are all completely accurate. When they fail to follow acceptable medical guidelines and commit medical malpractice, it can jeopardize the health and safety of their cancer patient.

Three ways cancer malpractice may occur due to a medical provider’s mistakes:

  • Delay in diagnosis and/or treatment: Cancer can be a rapidly spreading disease, or one that spreads more slowly. In either situation, it is impossible to overstate how important it is for doctors to recognize the signs of cancer growth early, make an accurate diagnosis, and prescribe their patients treatments to help slow or eliminate the cancer. Any delay in cancer diagnosis will delay cancer treatment, and both could allow the cancer to grow to the point where it becomes malignant or lethal.
  • Doctor failed to diagnose cancer: Similarly, it is cancer malpractice if a doctor does not follow accepted diagnosis procedures and fails to diagnose cancer at all. Keep in mind that medical malpractice claims require actual damages to occur, so it might not be cancer malpractice if your doctor fails to diagnose a benign form of cancer.
  • Medical/cancer misdiagnosis: In some cases, a doctor may notice all the signs and symptoms of cancer but misdiagnose it as another illness. Even though health problems have been recognized, the treatments will be ineffective or useless because they will be trying to treat the wrong disease.

Let Our Attorneys Become Your Voice

Standing up to medical providers and groups can be intimidating, especially if you have not been feeling yourself or well due to the illnesses and side effects caused by cancer and cancer treatments. Please allow the Washington DC cancer malpractice lawyers of Fay Law Group be your voice and legal guides through this trying time so you can focus on rest. With our decades of legal experience, we are not afraid to bring the fight to the opposition, doing all we can to secure a maximized compensation amount for you, either through a settlement or a trial verdict. You may be able to collect compensation that pays for your medical bills, lost wages, lessened enjoyment of life, and so forth. No matter how much it is, we pursue every last penny you deserve.

Call (202) 589-1300 today to arrange a no-cost consultation with our law firm about your cancer malpractice or misdiagnosis case.

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