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Dollar General named in premises liability suit after broken hip

Whether guarding against wet floors, falling objects or hazardous parking lots, property owners in Washington, D.C. and across the nation have a responsibility to the general public to keep their premises free of hazards. When they fail to do so, the results can be detrimental. A premises liability lawsuit was filed recently in another state.

A woman sued the national retail chain Dollar General, Inc., after she slipped and fell on the sidewalk in front of one of its stores. In March 2016, the complaint alleges, the pedestrian sidewalk in front of the building was missing a piece of concrete. She claims this caused her to fall, resulting in a number of serious physical injuries.

VA hired surgeon with numerous medical malpractice complaints

When Washington, D.C., residents or their family members undergo surgery, they are literally entrusting their lives to the hands of another. Surgeons are supposed to be specially trained and highly skilled to ensure that patients receive only the best care possible. To this end, one grieving daughter in another state is asking why a surgeon with a number of medical malpractice claims already against him was allowed by a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital to operate on her father, with fatal results.

The now-deceased patient was a 65-year-old veteran. Before his brain tumor diagnosis, the much-loved man was still active, spry and seemingly healthy. That was, however, until a VA doctor performed a series of surgeries on the man's head in under a month.

Legislation hopes to address a specific type of truck accident

Washington, D.C., drivers have become the latest in an ever-growing list of casualties from underride accidents. An underride accident is a specific type of truck accident that occurs when a car slides beneath a tractor-trailer or semi. The accident often results in horrific injuries, such as crushing the driver and any passengers inside the smaller vehicle or even decapitating them.

D.C. residents are not the only ones to suffer such horrendous wrecks. A total of 21 individuals around the country have died within the just last two months from this specific type of truck accident. An additional seven were lucky enough to escape with their lives, but they still suffered serious injuries after being extracted from the mangled remains of their vehicles.

Mother claims undiagnosed infection led to son's brain damage

Injuries to the brain are often not just serious, they can be life-changing. Severe brain damage can result in changes in physical and intellectual abilities and even an individual's personality. While a recently filed lawsuit did not occur in Washington, D.C., parents everywhere will be able to relate to the tragic circumstances that left a little boy permanently brain damaged.

The boy's mother filed the lawsuit on his behalf. The complaint alleges that doctors failed to diagnose and treat the five-year-old's sinus infection in a timely fashion. Had they done so, the lawsuit claims, they could have prescribed antibiotics that would have prevented the infection from spreading into his brain, causing loss of vision in one eye and permanent damage.

Medtech accused of switching prescription medication

When Washington, D.C residents finally realize they can no longer care for aging relatives at home, many spend a good deal of time trying to find the best possible nursing home or assisted living facility to care for their elderly or infirm loved ones. Doing so can be crucial, as such individuals are often dependent on the staff at these medical facilities for all their daily needs, from food preparation to hygiene to administering prescription medication and more. Frighteningly, in another state, this trust appears to have been misplaced, and the family has filed a lawsuit.

A man spent time researching assisted living facilities until he found one for his beloved 83-year-old mother, who -- up until that point -- had been relatively healthy. Only a few months after the woman took up residence, however, she suddenly became seriously ill. After being rushed to the hospital, she was diagnosed with organ failure and other severe damages.

Medical malpractice case: Nursing home put profits before patient

Families in Washington, D.C., often have no choice but to entrust the care of their aging, infirm loved ones to medical professionals or trained staff at nursing home facilities. Sadly, that trust is sometimes misplaced, such as in a recent medical malpractice case in another state. The lawsuit involved a 70-year-old patient, now deceased, who suffered from broken bones, pneumonia and more, all while under the supposed "professional care" of a medical facility.

In 2014, the now-deceased patient was a nursing home resident at Whitestone Care Center for several weeks during the month of April. He entered the facility for rehabilitation and treatment after an amputation surgery of one of his legs. The facility promoted itself as offering a variety of highly-skilled medical services capable of providing the care needed by severely ill, frail and elderly individuals such as the patient.

Medication errors can be life-threatening, even fatal

Washington, D.C. residents and individuals across the country rely on pharmacies like Walgreens for the prescriptions to help them regain, or maintain, their health. Most pharmacists are highly trained and conscientious, focused on ensuring the well-being of their customers. When medication errors do happen, the results can be life-threatening, as seems to be the case regarding a recently filed lawsuit in another state.

A man sued Walgreens, alleging that one of its pharmacists incorrectly filled his prescription. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff went to the drug store chain to retrieve his muscle relaxant prescription. The medication was apparently intended to treat the injuries he had suffered in an automobile accident.

Lawsuit alleges hospital negligence led to death of infant

A recently filed lawsuit in another state involves a situation that is most every Washington, D.C. mother's worst nightmare. A woman is suing for $8 million for hospital negligence after the loss of her newborn son. She blames medical staff for the smothering death of her baby due to an unfortunate series of events involving strong medications and alleged carelessness on the part of medical staff.

According to court records, the woman delivered the infant via C-section and was prescribed the painkiller Vicodin. While still in the hospital, she was also being given Ambien, a sleep aid. Three days after her baby's birth, nurses brought him in to be nursed at 3 in the morning, while she was allegedly under the influence of these prescription medications.

Surgical errors result in $2M in medical malpractice damages

Operations can be lifesaving and Washington, D.C., is full of top-notch surgeons who take their career responsibilities seriously. Unfortunately, not all doctors -- in D.C. or elsewhere in the nation -- are always so careful. When surgical errors do occur, they can be particularly devastating, as the very procedure that was supposed to make the patient better instead leaves him or her worse off than before, sometimes permanently.

For instance, in a Northeastern state, a jury recently found in favor of an injured plaintiff after a botched hand surgery. The man had broken his right wrist when a kayak fell on him in 2013. According to reports, a few months after the accident, a hand surgeon – one of the defendants in the case -- performed an operation on him.

$12M awarded after medication error causes brain damage

In the medical world, there are few "simple mistakes" when human lives are on the line. While it didn't occur in Washington, D.C., the details in a recent medical malpractice case are enough to strike fear into the hearts of anyone, anywhere. The lawsuit in question involved an alleged medication error by a physician fresh out of school, and his error in judgement apparently left a woman in a vegetative state.

According to reports, the victim was on the blood thinner Coumadin and had a history of seizures when she sought treatment in Sept. 2013. As she had done numerous times prior, the woman went alone to the same emergency room she'd always attended, where her typical treatment involved either plasma or a Vitamin K injection. On this last fateful visit, however, she saw a new young doctor, recently graduated from medical school, who administered the drug Profilnine.

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