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Victim found alive days after car accident

Washington D.C., our nation's beloved capital, remains one of the top destinations for Americans to live, work and travel. A beautiful melting pot of cultures, D.C has much to offer, and the city is always bustling. Unfortunately, the enormous amounts of traffic on the busy highways and intricate city streets can lead to a higher risk of a serious car accident

Recently, the victim of  serious accident was located laying off the road close to the Beltway near Washington. A contractor for the highway department noticed a damaged guardrail and, upon further inspection, stumbled upon a man that had been seriously injured, unable to move or seek help, for two entire days. He was reportedly found about 100 yards away from his vehicle. 

Court awards $7 million for child's birth injuries

The expected arrival of a new baby should be a happy and joyous time in a family's life. However, there is nothing more devastating to parents than learning their newborn baby has suffered life-changing birth injuries due to the negligence of others. In Washington, D.C., and other states, medical professionals are being held accountable for a negligent delivery.

Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit alleging negligence after her daughter was born. She claims she was admitted to an area hospital with preterm contractions, nausea and vomiting but was released only to return a few weeks later to give birth to her daughter. Upon delivery, the child's Apgar scores were two, four, seven and one after 10-minute intervals. The baby was still not breathing properly and suffered several periods of apnea. She was later transferred to a NICU hospital where she remained for 27 days.

Doctor's negligence substantiates medical malpractice award

A 54-year-old father of two is dead after a doctor failed to notify him that a symptom he was having indicated cancer. A jury awarded 4.2 million dollars for suffering and compensation for losses to his estate. In Washington, D.C., and all over the country, negligence often plays a significant role in medical malpractice determinations.

The man found out he had cancer since 2009 when the doctor found traces of blood in a urinalysis test. It was left untreated until 2011. The family contends that if he had been referred to a specialist in June 2009 the mass could have been treated. Instead, the man's cancer spread, and the mass grew to a substantial size. He died on New Year's Eve 2014, just three and a half years after the initial diagnosis.

Cancer patient receives Narcan after medication errors

An 87-year-old cancer patient was the victim of a recent opioid overdose in a hospital and needed to be revived with Narcan and CPR. The woman had recently undergone cancer surgery and was being administered Dilaudid, a powerful drug used to control pain. She repeatedly asked hospital personnel whether the drug being administered to her would hurt her. The nursing staff assured her she would be fine. In Washington, D.C. and other states, medication errors are becoming more common.

After the initial surgery, the woman needed additional emergency surgery to repair damage to her bowel. The son claims that the situation was horrendous. The doctors and hospital did not know if the opioid overdose had any effect on her recovery. The president of the hospital apologized to the family and covered the cost of her medical bills. Her son reported the hospital and the incident to the state's Health Department.

Popular TV doctor faces medical malpractice lawsuit

Some readers in Washington, D.C. may be familiar with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (a.k.a., Dr. Now) from the popular series "My 600-lb Life." The reality TV physician has earned widespread acclaim for his life-saving treatment of severely obese individuals, which often includes laparoscopic surgery to help them lose weight. Unfortunately, the doctor who has devoted his practice to helping people is now facing a medical malpractice lawsuit from a former patient.

The plaintiff asserts in her lawsuit that the 72-year-old physician left a small piece of tubing and a stainless steel connector in her abdomen following her laparoscopic surgery in 2015. The woman was having surgery to remove a gastric band and port as well as to repair a hiatal hernia. Only a few days after the procedure, however, the woman purportedly experienced persistent pain and discomfort in her abdomen that seemed too severe for normal post-operative pain. Unable to bear the pain, the woman went to her local emergency room and received a CT scan and ultrasound that showed foreign objects in her abdomen.

4 injured in rush-hour car accident in DC

People in Washington, D.C. who take the Rock Creek Parkway to work likely encountered backups recently as the result of a serious vehicle crash that shut down the major commuter corridor. A portion of the parkway was closed for hours as emergency personnel responded to the car accident, which sent four people to the hospital, three with critical injuries. Whenever people experience serious injuries as the result of car accidents, they may be able to recover damages by proving negligence on the part of one or more of the drivers involved.

The accident occurred around 6:30 in the morning on Thursday, March 29 near the P Street connector. The crash involved two vehicles, and emergency responders had to extricate three victims who became trapped in their car as a result of the collision. Each of these three victims suffered critical injuries and were taken to the hospital while a fourth was treated at a local hospital for injuries described as minor.

Recent defective product recall includes smoke detectors

Consumers in Washington, D.C., trust that the products they use in their homes are safe and effective for their intended purposes. However, sometimes, products make their way into consumers' hands that contain defects or do not work as intended. A recent defective product recall by the Consumer Product Safety Commission includes a popular brand of smoke detectors.

In a March 21 press release, the CPSC named two models of Kidde dual-sensor smoke detectors as defective. Apparently, during the manufacturing process, small, yellow caps were left covering the smoke alarms' sensors, making them ineffective at detecting smoke. The recall affects nearly 500,000 smoke detectors sold throughout the United States and Canada.

Delayed diagnosis: $6M verdict for wife and estate

People in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere naturally assume their doctors will do everything possible to diagnose their conditions properly in order to begin the required treatment in a timely fashion. While this occurs in the majority of cases, there are times when a delayed diagnosis causes irreparable harm to the patient, sometimes leading to his or her untimely passing. When this happens, the patients or their surviving loved ones can pursue justice against any negligent physicians or health care providers to try to recover both economic and non-economic damages.

Such was the case with a woman in another state whose husband died after suffering from liver cancer that had gone undetected for some time. Apparently, the man's three physicians disregarded recommendations by at least two different radiologists that the man needed MRIs to check for underlying cancer. However, the patient had a history of health issues and was seeing his doctors for treatment for hepatitis C, cirrhosis, anemia and other conditions. In fact, one of the defendant doctors actually stated in a pretrial memo that the 65-year-old man had already outlived his life expectancy considering the number of medical conditions from which he was suffering.

Premises liability: Who is to blame for bridge collapse?

When large-scale construction accidents occur, the incidents can cause severe and even fatal injuries to innocent workers and bystanders. Such was the case with a devastating pedestrian bridge collapse in another state, and authorities are trying to determine where the blame lies. Whenever people in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere are harmed or lose loved ones in such accidents, they can seek justice through the civil court system by filing premises liability claims.

The accident in question occurred in the afternoon on Thursday, March 15, and involved a 174-foot span of a pedestrian walkway falling onto vehicles and unsuspecting victims below. So far, authorities have identified six people killed in the accident, and their surviving family members are demanding answers as to what caused the bridge to fall. Purportedly, the companies responsible for the design and construction of the bridge are no strangers to controversy.

Car accident involving fire truck claims life, injures another

A devastating accident occurred in Northeast Washington, D.C., recently that claimed the life of one motorist and caused severe injuries to a pregnant woman. The car accident involved a fire truck and happened around 12:15 in the afternoon of Friday, March 9. Now, the family of the deceased victim is seeking answers, and preliminary reports suggest the fire engine may have had faulty brakes.

On the day in question, a fire engine from a local station was responding to a call when it collided with a Honda Accord driven by the 31-year-old decedent. During the accident, a pregnant woman, who was walking on the sidewalk near the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue NE and 12th Street NE, was hit by a third car involved in the crash. Luckily, she is expected to recover from her injuries. One firefighter also suffered minor injuries in the crash, and the driver of the third car reportedly denied medical treatment at the scene.

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