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Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are all too common in the busy streets of Washington, D.C.. Navigating the city on foot should be a safe and straightforward endeavor, but the reality is that pedestrians often face risks from negligent drivers and hazardous conditions. At Fay Law Group, P.A., we recognize the severity of pedestrian accidents and stand ready to advocate for those who have suffered injuries because of someone else's negligence.

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Common Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can result in many injuries, ranging from mild to severe. Victims may experience fractures, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, soft tissue injuries, and more. The human body is vulnerable when faced with the impact of a moving vehicle, and the aftermath can lead to long-term physical, emotional, and financial consequences.

What Damages Could Be Recovered in a Pedestrian Accident?

When pursuing a pedestrian accident claim, it is crucial to identify the damages that can be recovered. Potential damages that could be recovered may include:

  • Medical Expenses: Coverage for present and future medical expenses related to the accident, including hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation, and ongoing medical care.
  • Lost Wages: Compensation for income lost due to the incapability to work during recovery, as well as potential future earnings affected by permanent disabilities.
  • Pain and Suffering: Damages for physical and emotional distress endured as a result of the accident, enhancing the overall compensation for the victim's suffering.
  • Property Damage: Recovery for any personal property damaged in the accident, like clothing, electronic devices, or other personal belongings.
  • Wrongful Death Damages: In the unfortunate occasion of a pedestrian fatality, our attorneys work diligently to secure compensation for funeral expenses, loss of companionship, and other related damages for the surviving family members.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Pedestrian Accident in Washington, D.C.?

Time is of the essence when it comes to filing a pedestrian accident claim in Washington, D.C. The statute of limitations determines the timeframe within which legal action must be initiated. In the District of Columbia, victims generally have three years from the accident date to file a personal injury claim. However, exceptions may apply, and it is crucial to consult with an experienced Washington, D.C. pedestrian accident attorney at Fay Law Group, P.A. promptly to ensure compliance with all legal deadlines.

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Our Wahington, D.C., pedestrian accident lawyer at Fay Law Group, P.A. is dedicated to fighting for the rights of accident victims and holding negligent parties accountable. We leverage our expertise to investigate your accident's circumstances, collect evidence, and build a strong case on your behalf. We take the time to understand your unique situation, tailoring our legal strategy to meet your specific needs and objectives. We are here to provide the legal support you need during this challenging time.

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