Negligent Security

Security Negligence Lawyers in Washington, DC


Providing adequate security may be one of the duties that a property owner owes to lawful visitors, to protect them from unreasonable harm. It is important to note that the property owner’s responsibility in this regard will vary depending on the type of property, its location, and whether there has been any criminal activity in the area. Depending on these factors, the property owner or manager may have a duty to provide security gates, cameras, lighting, alarms, or even security personnel.

If you were assaulted or attacked at another’s property, Fay Law Group can help by determining whether the owner of the property is accountable, and how to proceed with a civil case that could help you recover damages for medical treatment, emotional trauma, lost earnings, and more. The assailant may face criminal charges and imprisonment, which can bring peace of mind, but recovering fair compensation can help you face a more stable future.

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Linking Negligent Security to Assaults & Attacks

There are various key factors that will need to be considered in building a premises liability lawsuit related to negligent security. These are a few issues our attorneys will take into account:

  • What duty did the property owner owe in regard to security?
  • Were there similar assaults or criminal activity at this location in the past?
  • Does the type of property warrant stringent security measures?
  • What types of security measures should have been in place?
    What reasonable measures could the property owner have taken to prevent the assault?
  • If security personnel were present, did they act in accordance with their duties?
  • How did the lack of security contribute to or allow the attack/assault to occur?

Regardless of the type of incident that left you injured, our Washington DC security negligence attorneys are here to help you seek closure. We can help with cases involving sexual assault, physical assault, robbery, mugging, gang violence, and more.

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