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When obstetricians and other delivery personnel are not careful with a difficult birth, the child may end up with a disability known as a brachial plexus injury. Our law firm has built a reputation as formidable advocates for infants who suffered permanent physical impairment because of birthing errors.

If your baby has been diagnosed with Erb's palsy or other birth injuries that you believe may be the result of medical malpractice in a Washington, D.C., or Maryland hospital, talk to a lawyer at Fay Law Group, P.A. We offer a free consultation to discuss the extent and nature of your baby's injuries. We will investigate the potential for a negligence claim and advise you about your options.

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In the last stage of childbirth, when the head has emerged, some babies — particularly large babies — get stuck. Their shoulders get caught on the pubic bone or wedged in the birth canal. This is referred to as shoulder dystocia.

A delicate cluster of nerves in the shoulder controls motor function and sensation in the limbs. This is referred to as the brachial plexus. A brachial plexus tear or trauma comes about from excess traction and may result in Erb's palsy or a related birth condition.

Some children fully recover or gain limited function through extensive physical therapy or surgeries. For many brachial plexus victims, the nerve damage is permanent, and they go through life without any use of that limb.

Washington DC Erb's Palsy Attorneys

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