How Do I Know If I Was Injured Due to Negligence?

Doctor examines injured senior patient's knee

Sustaining an injury due to negligence is a common occurrence. Negligence can happen in various settings, such as the workplace, medical facilities, roadways, and even public places.

It is important to identify the signs of negligence when injured so that you can hold the responsible party accountable and receive adequate compensation for your injuries.

Determining Negligence


One way to determine if your injury was caused by negligence is to examine the circumstances surrounding the accident. If the accident occurred due to the negligence of another party, such as a driver failing to stop at a red light, then it is likely that you sustained an injury due to their actions.


Another way to tell if you have sustained an injury due to negligence is to look for evidence of safety violations. For instance, if you were injured while at work due to your employer’s failure to provide proper safety equipment or training, then negligence may have been a factor.

Medical Records

Medical records can also provide valuable evidence in determining if you have sustained an injury due to negligence. If a medical professional failed to diagnose or treat your condition properly, leading to further injury or complications, then negligence may be a factor.

Eyewitness Accounts

Finally, eyewitness accounts can provide crucial information about the cause of an accident and who is at fault. Eyewitnesses can provide detailed accounts of the events leading up to the accident, which can help establish liability and determine whether negligence played a role.

We’re Here to Help the Injured

Ultimately, there are several ways to tell if you have sustained an injury due to negligence. Examining the circumstances surrounding the accident, looking for evidence of safety violations, reviewing medical records, and gathering eyewitness accounts can all provide valuable information in establishing liability and seeking compensation for your injuries.

If you believe you have been injured due to negligence, it is important to seek legal advice from Fay Law Group, P.A. right away.

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