Medical Malpractice Attorney – Determining Eligibility

When you know that something just isn’t right it is a great idea to seek out the assistance of a medical malpractice attorney. It is impossible to take on a company or an individual without the necessary legal guidance. The process begins with an initial consultation from a lawyer that has experience in the field.

Gather Your Information

If you have bills, paperwork, or any other documentation, bring it along. Do the best you can to have it in a logical sequence, usually by date, in order to make it easier for someone new to look through. Some papers may not seem relevant to you, but if they have anything to do with the situation or the case, they should be included.

Make Contact

Search for a medical malpractice attorney with experience in this area of the law. Many firms will offer a free consultation to potential clients. Find a date and time that will work best for you. If you are currently under the care of a physician or you are hospitalized, there are lawyers that will meet you at a convenient location in order to make the appointment easier to manage. With one phone call you can learn what a consultation will cost, whether or not you need to come to the office and who will be meeting with you.

Initial Consultation/Evaluation

An initial consultation is the first step to determining your eligibility to proceed with this type of case. While you are going to provide your medical malpractice attorney as much information as possible, the answer is not always clear right away. It may be that your lawyer needs to do some research, learn more about the case, or even consult with another person in the firm for advice or assistance.

This is still an important meeting. This is the first step in making a case for the difficulty that you or your family has faced. It may be tough to talk about, but remember that this meeting can provide you with the hope and information you need. Do your best to relay the facts and provide information in the order in which they occurred. Don’t take offense if your lawyer asks you a lot of questions. It isn’t necessarily that doubt your story. More than likely they are attempting to find out important information and come up with an answer on eligibility.

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