Washington, D.C., Premises Liability Lawyer

Fay Law Group, P.A., represents individuals who have suffered financial losses related to injuries resulting from unsafe premises in the District of Columbia and Maryland. Property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure that people visiting their building or premises for business, recreation or other reasons are kept reasonably safe from injuries caused by a defect in design or a hazardous condition.

If you suffered an injury on someone else's property, contact our law office to learn more about your options for compensation. We have been assisting individuals with their recovery for more than 40 years.

A Maryland Attorney Helping Victims of Defective Design Accidents

Building architects and developers are responsible for designing and constructing their buildings to avoid injuries due to conditions such as roof and wall collapses, dangerously low ceilings, unlighted stairwells, defective elevators or escalators and blind access for motor vehicles. Dangerous and defective designs are something the general public cannot typically recognize or avoid in an accident.

Hazardous Conditions and Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Property owners also have a responsibility to remove a known hazard in a reasonable amount of time or adequately warn the public of the dangerous condition. These types of injury claims are often referred to as slip-and-fall accidents, but may also occur because of insufficient maintenance by the property owner. Injury claims involving a hazardous or unsafe condition are becoming more difficult to prove because juries are placing more responsibility on people to avoid recognizable hazards such as standing water or ice buildup near an entryway.

Call us to arrange a meeting with one of our lawyers to discuss the circumstances of your premises liability accident on an unsafe property in D.C. or Maryland, including:

  • Parking ramp and parking lot injuries
  • Stairwell, escalator and elevator accidents
  • Negligent security, injuries from assault
  • Accidents resulting from insufficient lighting
  • Unsafe building conditions, insufficient maintenance
  • Falling objects, including store products, materials or equipment
  • Overhead garage door injuries
  • Injuries from an explosion or building fire
  • Injuries resulting from a defective furnace or HVAC system
  • Playground accidents and other injuries to children

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