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Delayed diagnosis: $6M verdict for wife and estate

People in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere naturally assume their doctors will do everything possible to diagnose their conditions properly in order to begin the required treatment in a timely fashion. While this occurs in the majority of cases, there are times when a delayed diagnosis causes irreparable harm to the patient, sometimes leading to his or her untimely passing. When this happens, the patients or their surviving loved ones can pursue justice against any negligent physicians or health care providers to try to recover both economic and non-economic damages.

Delayed diagnosis caused woman's permanent paralysis

When a person experiences pain in the District of Columbia, he or she often turn to the medical professionals at a hospital to help determine the cause of the pain and provide relief. Unfortunately, doctors may assume that the cause of severe pain is due to something innocuous, preventing them from exploring more serious options. Doing so can result in a delayed diagnosis with serious, life-long implications for patients. Sadly, these scenarios play out in Washington, D.C. and across the country.

Lawsuit alleges misdiagnosis led to painful, irreversible surgery

Even when they are essential and lifesaving, surgeries are typically painful and dangerous, not to mention expensive. It's difficult to imagine anyone in Washington, D.C. volunteering to undergo a surgery that wasn't necessary or at least strongly recommended by a knowledgeable physician. What if that trusted physician's advice, however, was based on a carelessly made misdiagnosis, one which resulted in unnecessary surgery that left an individual stuck with unpleasant and permanent results?

Accurate diagnosis can make a big difference in health outcomes

Most residents of Washington, D.C. and, indeed, across the nation, rely on the experience and training of health care professionals on an almost daily basis, either for themselves or for their ailing family members, friends and loved ones. When they get sick, they trust their doctors to make an accurate diagnosis so that they can receive the treatment or medication they need. Unfortunately, a man in another state alleges that physicians at a medical facility failed to do just that.

Medical malpractice suit: UTI delayed diagnosis leads to death

Those who go to an emergency room in Washington, D.C. rightly expect to be seen by a doctor and treated for the illness or injury for which they sought emergency medical attention in the first place. They would likely not expect to be sent home, untreated and still ill, only to have to return again the next day with symptoms even more severe. Frighteningly, a recently refiled medical malpractice lawsuit in another state alleges that this is exactly what happened. Tragically, the medical center's alleged failure to diagnose the woman's illness resulted in her death.

Delay in accurate diagnosis can prove fatal

Patients in Washington, D.C., and across the nation have the right to expect prompt medical treatment, especially as, with certain diseases and illnesses, a few months can make all the difference. Take, for example, the case of a veteran in another state. By the time the man received an accurate diagnosis, his cancer had become so advanced that it was diagnosed as terminal.

Jury awards $2.4M in medical malpractice lawsuit

When patients check into a hospital, they expect the attendant doctors and nursing staff to review their symptoms and medical history in order to develop an accurate diagnosis and determine treatment. While the following example didn't take place in Washington, D.C., a medical malpractice suit in another jurisdiction was filed when a doctor failed to do just that. The doctor's excuse was that he doesn't have time to review everything about each patient admitted to the emergency room; clearly, though, the jury disagreed with him, finding both the physician and a nurse legally responsible when a patient died three days after being admitted into their care.

Hospital, others accused of failing to provide accurate diagnosis

In Washington, D.C., just like anywhere else in the country, when an individual is having health problems and consults a physician, he or she expects to be given the proper medical care. Because most people know little about medical matters, they are forced to rely on doctors for an accurate diagnosis, trusting them to address their health issues before they become even more troublesome or fatal. One woman's estate administrator, however, was forced to file a complaint against several medical organizations and doctors, when they allegedly failed to provide an accurate diagnosis, with devastating results.

Were diagnositic errors in your case medical malpractice?

Most Washington, D.C. doctors work diligently to discover what is ailing their patients and then provide them with the appropriate treatment. That does not mean, however, that diagnostic errors do not occur. At least some of the serious injuries and deaths that occur could be medical malpractice.

Serious conditions require immediate care

There are some medical conditions that are emergencies that just can't be put off when they need treatment. Some of these include heart attacks, strokes and forms of cancer. When you are suffering from one of those, you need to be able to count on doctors to give you the life-saving treatment that you need.

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