What can be done to hold Hamas Accountable for Attacks in Israel?

idf tank in desert

On October 7, 2023 the world watched in horror as Hamas terrorists murdered hundreds of innocent civilians in Israel and took hundreds more as hostages. In the aftermath of the attacks our communities have felt shocked and helpless. Our Jewish friends and hurting and scared. We are all asking the same questions: what can be done to hold Hamas and its conspirators accountable? What can be done to ensure this does not happen again? Fay Law Group has a long history of representing victims of terrorism in lawsuits against state sponsors of terrorism, terrorist organizations, and entities and individuals who provide terrorists with the financial resources and other material support needed to carry out their murderous attacks. We have proven that foreign governments, namely Iran, play a role in these attacks almost every time. We have connected the dots and followed the money. We have collected more than $2 billion from the governments of Iran, Sudan, and other terrorist organizations. We are relentless in our pursuit of these assets, not only because it punishes the terrorists, but because depriving them of their funding may deter future attacks. Fay Law Group is currently planning a legal response to the October 7 attacks and encourage American victims and their family members to contact us for more information. We are raw, shocked, and heartbroken, but we are not helpless.