Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Truck Accident Litigation in Maryland and DC

If you need advice about your legal rights in the aftermath of an accident caused by a semi truck or other commercial vehicle, it makes sense to work with lawyers whose motor vehicle accident experience goes beyond car crashes. The severity of the injuries and the sophistication of commercial insurance defense counsel together place high demands on your lawyer's ability to investigate the case and prove your damages.

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For more than 40 years, Fay Law Group's experience with the presentation of complex negligence cases has helped people recover the financial compensation they need to support a long period of recovery or permanent disability. Contact our office in downtown Washington for a free consultation about the merits of your case and your legal options.

Just about any professionally driven truck or commercial vehicle will be covered by liability insurance that starts at $1 million per accident claim, if not more. While this means that your chance of collecting a substantial verdict is better than it would be against a driver with $50,000 policy limits, there's a downside as well. You'll need to prove your damages in thoroughly documented detail, most often in the face of opposing testimony that understates the severity of your injuries or the fact of a disability.

At Fay Law Group, our attorneys' experience with the proof of complex damages claims against highly skilled opponents can go far to protect the value of your case, especially if you need compensation for severe brain injuries or spinal cord trauma. We also know how to pursue claims for wrongful death damages under the very different legal systems of Maryland and the District of Columbia.

We accept truck accident cases on a contingent fee basis — if we don't recover compensation for you, we collect no attorney's fee. For a free consultation about your right to damages and the best ways to present your claims, contact Fay Law Group in Washington.