Parking lot maintenance tips

Those maintaining parking lots can keep the area safe by knowing some key tips to prompt and effective care for the area.

The use of parking lots is prevalent just about everywhere in the U.S., including in Washington, DC. An effective parking lot involves more than just laying down a patch of asphalt and drawing some lines on it. There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining a parking area so that it remains safe and efficient. There are some big things that those responsible for maintenance should know.

Signs that maintenance is needed

There may be a problem with the base plastic if a large depression occurs on the lot. Pot holes will just get worse, especially in cold and wet weather, and they need to be fixed immediately. They may indicate a drainage issue. Upheaval of any section of a lot is also an issue that must be dealt with. If the asphalt was not properly mixed, the pavement can actually begin to ravel , which is when it begins to disintegrate into smaller particles.

Maintaining the area

If any of the above issues have occurred, they should be fixed as soon as possible. Some additional advice on maintaining a safe parking lot is outlined in the list below:

· When it gets icy and snowy, there can be a hazard for people slipping or getting in car accidents. Using sand and rock salt can make a big difference in traction and can expedite the melting of ice.

· Asphalt can actually break apart faster when soaked in oil. That is a good reason to clean up any oil stains right away.

· Any area where people are at risk of tripping should be fixed. The cause should also be assessed and removed, such as, for example, when a tree root has pushed up a section of pavement.

· If puddles form on a lot, they can make the asphalt break down more easily, and they can also be driving hazards. One way to prevent this is to keep drainage systems clear and working the way they are supposed to, so as to prevent flooding in the case of a storm.

· Debris and dirt can actually be hazardous to pedestrians and drivers, and it should always be swept up so the lot is clean and easy to use.

Taking care of certain issues as soon as they arise will save money in the long run, as most problems just get worse if left unfixed.

People in Washington, DC, who have been injured as a result of using a poorly maintained parking lot may be able to get financial compensation for the suffering they endured, and to help them pay the associated medical bills. To find out what they should do, they may find it helpful to consult an attorney in the area who practices personal injury law.