D.C.’s snarled commute is bitter recipe for stop-and-go car crashes

If you live or work in Washington, D.C., you are probably well aware of the nightmarish commutes and stop-and-go traffic that plague the nation's capital. But, you might not be familiar with the precise scope of the problem. A new government report from the U.S. Census Bureau sheds light on the issue of D.C. traffic - and the car accidents that occur regularly on Washington's heavily traveled roadways.

More than one out of four D.C. workers faces a one-way commute over an hour

According to the new report, during the time period studied the average drive to and from work among all American commuters took 25.5 minutes. Only a small percentage of workers (8.1 percent) were found to spend an hour or more commuting each way. Washington D.C., however, was exceptional - but not in a good way.

D.C. ranked worse than every state in terms of the proportion of workers who face an hour or longer one-way commute. In D.C., it takes 27.4 percent of workers - more than a quarter - at least an hour to drive to and from their place of employment. New York came in a distant second, at 18.2 percent.

No doubt D.C.'s challenging commute has something to do with the high proportion of local employees who live elsewhere: the Census report indicated that 72.4 percent of the individuals who work in the District of Columbia reside outside of the District of Columbia.

Stressful, lengthy commutes lead to car accidents

Heavy traffic and long commutes are more than just a headache for motorists; they can be dangerous. Drivers who face lengthy commutes are more likely to lose focus on driving, turning to electronic devices and other distractions that can cause accidents. Tensions run higher in heavy traffic, leading to more aggressive and unsafe driving behaviors like following too closely. And, when traffic begins moving swiftly again after a big slowdown, drivers may attempt to "make up for lost time" by speeding.

If you've been the victim of a D.C. motor vehicle accident, you have a right to recover financial compensation from the at fault party. Monetary damages are meant as redress for the setbacks you suffer as an accident victim, such as medical bills, wages lost due to an inability to work, costs to repair or replace damaged property, and your personal pain and suffering.

D.C. highways are a breeding ground for accidents, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer without fair compensation for your injuries. Talk to a Washington, D.C. car accident lawyer today to learn more about your right to recovery.