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Drivers Still Apprehensive About Self-Driving Technology

A recent survey conducted by AAA found that most Americans would not be comfortable riding in a self-driving vehicle. A spokesman for the AAA stated that people would feel better about riding in these cars once they have a better understanding of how the technology functions.

Dangerous, and Potentially Deadly Autonomous Trucks Are Being Tested on US Roadways

According to, autonomous trucks are currently being tested on roadways throughout the United States. The technology still seems to many like science fiction, but it is already being used to haul loads around the country. When it comes to autonomous cars, the technology is rated on a level of zero to five. Cars that are a zero will require drivers to be in control, but will still offer features such as lane-departure alerts and alerts when a driver gets too close to another vehicle. Many drivers are used to using this technology already.

As technology becomes more sophisticated, the driver’s need to control the car declines and the rating increases closer to five. At level five, the car and its artificial intelligence system are completely in control of the vehicle while occupants can read, watch movies, or play games. 

The technology is being used in trucks as well, and as far back as 2016, Budweiser transported 50,000 beer cans 120 miles through Colorado in an autonomous truck. While a driver was in the vehicle, he left the driver’s seat as soon as the truck entered the highway. More recently, a semi considered Level 4 made a 2,800-mile journey to transport Land O Lakes butter from coast to coast. While a driver was on the vehicle, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system was responsible for driving. 

The vision of the future for truck drivers is that their role will be to get the truck onto the highway, and then to serve as a sort of air traffic controller for the vehicle as it navigates to its destination. While it is unclear how the technology will impact the industry, it is clear that this technology is coming, maybe sooner than many would expect. 

Liability Issues Concerning Autonomous Driving Vehicle That Harm, Injure or Kill Persons

Some of the concerns include uneasiness about liability. The survey indicated that 57 percent of people want to know who would be legally liable if a crash occurred involving a self-driving car. About 50 percent want to know that there are laws intended to make these cars safe, and about half of the drivers also want to know whether hackers will be able to manipulate the cars. 

Many people would feel better if the car allowed them to take over in an emergency, and believe that the cars should have human backup drivers in them. Nearly half say that they would feel better if the cars passed tests and inspections demonstrating their safety. Four out of ten people believe that they would feel more confident about the technology once they saw a demonstration of it in action. 

The results will be able to help carmakers understand what needs to be done to make consumers comfortable with the technology as it improves and becomes available to consumers. While drivers are already using semi-automated technology. It will be years before drivers are able to purchase fully automated cars. The AAA works to find ways to help the industry and consumers better understand one another and to pave the way for the more advanced vehicle technology to hit the road. 

Are These Accidents a Consequence of Corporate Profits Over Public Safety?

A recent article published on reports that an engineer at one of the major Japanese carmakers stated that they could not currently replicate Tesla’s autopilot technology. This would not necessarily mean that the company will dominate the self-driving car market. Waymo, which is owned by the parent company of Google, Alphabet, is also a contender.

Waymo has resources that far exceed those available to Tesla. However, Tesla has taken an aggressive approach and even advertised its Autopilot as a self-driving system available to the public. Tesla has, therefore, been able to test its systems in the real world, giving the company access to data that other manufacturers lack. Of course, the move comes with risks as drivers have been using a system that is imperfect. Crashes have made headlines as people blame the Autopilot feature for fooling drivers into believing their cars are autonomous when they are, in fact, not. 

One of the proposed benefits of autonomous driving systems is that they are intended to be safer than human drivers. When it comes to the safest systems, Uber already experienced a high-profile mark against its vehicles when a self-driving Uber vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian. So far, five deaths have been officially blamed on Tesla’s Autopilot feature. Waymo has a perfect fatality-free record currently. The company has taken a more cautious approach when it comes to testing its vehicles. Some predict that in the long run, Waymo’s more measured approach will benefit the company when autonomous cars become a regular fixture on the road. Tesla may suffer from an image problem if people believe that the company placed its customers’ lives at risk with unfinished technology.  

Types of Autonomous Motor Vehicle Accidents

Autonomous driving vehicles have been responsible for numerous types of accidents resulting in severe injuries and deaths. For example:

  • Car Accidents
  • Injuries to Self-Driving Passengers
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Ride-Sharing Accidents
  • Taxi Accidents
  • Tesla Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Uber Accidents
  • Waymo Accidents

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