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Truck Accidents Archives

Legislation hopes to address a specific type of truck accident

Washington, D.C., drivers have become the latest in an ever-growing list of casualties from underride accidents. An underride accident is a specific type of truck accident that occurs when a car slides beneath a tractor-trailer or semi. The accident often results in horrific injuries, such as crushing the driver and any passengers inside the smaller vehicle or even decapitating them.

Maryland truck accident leaves woman in critical condition

Accidents involving larger vehicles like trucks tend to be more catastrophic than crashes between smaller vehicles. This is in part due to the size and weight of trucks, but other factors come into play as well, like longer reaction times and less maneuverability. While officials are still uncertain of what contributing factors led up to it, a truck accident recently occurred on Maryland Route 91 that left a woman in critical condition.

Dump truck accident in Washington, D.C. injures 2 children

A dump truck was involved in a motor vehicle accident before finally crashing into the side of a house in Southeast Washington, D.C. on a recent Tuesday. The dump truck first hit two vehicles, both containing passengers, then plowed into an Oxon Hill home. The truck accident left two children injured and resulted in significant property damage.

Proving driver fatigue in truck accident litigation

Long haul drivers spend a lot of time on the road. There are specific regulations they must follow regarding rest, but not all drivers follow them as they push themselves to meet delivery deadlines. This is why truck accident litigation here in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere will often focus on whether the driver was fatigued. Understanding the hours of service regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is a place to start.

Fatal semi-truck accidents seem to be trending down

Semi-truck accidents are particularly serious, and they can often be deadly. Around 111,000 people were injured in semi-truck accidents in 2014, which is the most current year for which information is available. That same year, 3,903 people were killed in these accidents. The results are mixed when you compare those figures to the previous year.

2 injured in accident caused by driver of stolen truck

Often, when car accidents take place, they're a result of distractions or reckless driving. The driver who is responsible for the accident can be held liable for it in most circumstances, allowing you to seek out the compensation necessary to pay for your medical costs, lost wages and other expenses. As a victim, you are entitled to file a claim against the driver responsible for your injuries.

Wage war after a semi-truck crash devestates your life

Your life after a semi truck accident will likely never be the same. Even if you weren't physically injured in the accident, the trauma that you experienced emotionally and mentally might mean that you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. This can make it difficult to live a normal life, especially when the source of the PTSD is something that many people come into contact with on a daily basis.

Mother loses family in sudden car accident in Maryland

When you go out on the town, it might be with family or friends. All of your best friends or closest family members are with you, so imagining an accident that takes them away from you is devastating. If the unthinkable happens, there's a chance you can recover the expenses you put into medical care and other needs, but that won't bring back those you love.

Commercial vehicle drivers must drive safely to avoid crashes

Commercial vehicles can be on the streets of Washington, DC and the surrounding areas at almost any time of the day or night. These drivers have a duty to drive in a safe manner no matter when or where they are driving. Some drivers don't live up that duty. When they don't live up to that duty, crashes can happen and injuries can occur. We understand just how serious those accidents can be.

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