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VA hired surgeon with numerous medical malpractice complaints

When Washington, D.C., residents or their family members undergo surgery, they are literally entrusting their lives to the hands of another. Surgeons are supposed to be specially trained and highly skilled to ensure that patients receive only the best care possible. To this end, one grieving daughter in another state is asking why a surgeon with a number of medical malpractice claims already against him was allowed by a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital to operate on her father, with fatal results.

Surgical errors result in $2M in medical malpractice damages

Operations can be lifesaving and Washington, D.C., is full of top-notch surgeons who take their career responsibilities seriously. Unfortunately, not all doctors -- in D.C. or elsewhere in the nation -- are always so careful. When surgical errors do occur, they can be particularly devastating, as the very procedure that was supposed to make the patient better instead leaves him or her worse off than before, sometimes permanently.

Lawsuit alleges surgical errors led to permanent disability

In Washington, D.C., no matter how necessary and life-saving a surgical procedure may be, surgery usually causes most people to worry. Rightly so, as surgical procedures all carry some degree of risk; things can go wrong even with the most highly trained and experienced of surgeons. Unfortunately, at the other end of the spectrum lies surgeons who are not careful enough, and when a patient places his or her trust in a health care professional only to suffer due to surgical errors caused by careless inattention, someone should be held responsible.

Man alleges surgical errors led to quadriparesis, sues for $1M

Most patients in Washington, D.C. are aware that surgeries – even the most minor ones – carry at least some degree of risk. Human bodies can be unpredictable. What should not be unpredictable, though, is the standard of care to which surgeons are expected to adhere, because when surgical errors occur, the results can be devastating.

Lawsuit accuses pain management specialist of surgical errors

Anyone in Washington, D.C. who has undergone surgery or has a family member or loved one who needed an operation likely knows just how worrisome the process can be. Even in relatively routine procedures, a lot can go wrong, as there are inherent risks and sometimes unforeseeable complications. However, surgical errors and mistakes are another matter entirely, one with which patients should not need to concern themselves.

Jury: Surgical errors constitute negligence

Doctor error is always an upsetting and potentially dangerous issue, but mistakes made during surgery can be especially devastating. Many patients consider surgery a last resort, hoping that -- despite the invasiveness of the procedure -- it will at least provide the long-sought pain relief they desperately need, only to be left in a worse state than before. For residents of Washington, D.C. who have suffered serious injuries caused by surgical errors, a recent medical malpractice case may offer some hope of recompense for their ordeals.

Jurors award $744k in surgical medical malpractice suit

Any residents of Washington, D.C., who faced the choice of whether to undergo surgery -- even when the procedure is life-saving and essential – are doubtlessly aware that it is usually a major and daunting decision. Imagine, then, being convinced by a surgeon that a painful procedure is necessary, only to discover later that other, less-intrusive methods could have been attempted first. In a recent medical malpractice suit in another state, this is apparently just what occurred.

Child's tonsillectomy death leads to medical malpractice suit

It's the third most common childhood surgical procedure, performed daily on children in Washington D.C., with approximately 530,000 tonsillectomies done each year in the United States. However, what should have been a routine operation turned into every parent's worst nightmare when a 9-year-old girl died within hours of her tonsillectomy. The little girl's distraught family is understandably demanding answers as they plan to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the medical center where the girl underwent the surgery.

Patient alleges surgical errors, negligence in malpractice suit

Whether for residents of Washington, D.C. or across the nation, a high quality of life is often directly linked with good health. To maintain good health, individuals place their well-being in the hands of doctors and surgeons. People have to be able to trust that their medical professionals are not only well-trained, but that they have their patients' best interests at heart -- before, during and after medical procedures. What is a patient to do, then, when surgical errors leave him in pain, and then the health care professional compounds the mistake by providing inadequate follow-up care?

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