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Manufacturer accused in product liability suit after amputation

Companies have a legal responsibility to ensure that all products they create and sell are safe for use by Washington, D.C. consumers. Any potential dangers should be listed on the packaging so that consumers can take necessary precautions before deciding whether and how to use such products. In another state, a man has filed a product liability complaint alleging that a manufacturing company failed to provide such a warning, with dire consequences to his health.

Product liability suit alleges defective lock let in attacker

It would be safe to assume that most residents of Washington, D.C., make a point of keeping their doors and windows locked, and many even go so far as to install home security systems. It's a matter of safety. How terrifying to imagine, then, buying a lock specifically to keep your home safe only for that lock to fail in its one intended use. This scenario is exactly what a product liability lawsuit in another state is alleging.

Product liability suit alleges toxic materials in school lunch

For many residents of Washington, D.C., it sounds like a nightmare: Sending a child to school only to get a call later from the hospital that he or she has been poisoned. In another state though, a product liability suit has been filed after just such a scenario allegedly occurred. A middle school student apparently suffered serious injuries after ingesting a cleaning solution contained in the school lunch she was served.

Severe burns beg question: E-cig battery a defective product?

Most Washington, D.C., consumers are likely at least familiar with e-cigarettes and, in fact, may be vapers themselves. Many individuals across the nation are switching from traditional tobacco products to e-cig devices in the hopes that they are a safer alternative. Unfortunately, at least for one man, this allegedly defective product was anything but safe.

Is hair dye a dangerous product?

It's safe to assume that, when consumers in Washington, D.C. make beauty and hygiene-related purchases, they're thinking about how the product might make them look or feel. One thing many are likely not thinking about, though, is whether the hair treatment they're buying is a dangerous product. Unfortunately, one recent study suggests that some of these products might contribute to the development of cancer among users.

Cook Medical faces product liability suit for Celect IVC Filter

Washington, D.C., residents have the right to expect that the household products they purchase are safe. How much worse, then, when the dangerous or defective product in question is a medical device supposed to help prevent harm? In another state, a man has recently filed a product liability case alleging just that after he was injured following the surgical implantation of a Celect® Retrievable Inferior Vena Cava Filter.

Woman files product liability suit over botulism poisoning

Gas stations and convenience stores can be a great place to stop in Washington, D.C,. for anyone in a hurry. One might expect to find fuel, beverages and variety of snack foods. What one would not expect to encounter, however, is botulism. Unfortunately for a woman in another state, this is just what she experienced, and she and her family have filed a product liability case against the gas station that sold food products officials believe led to a total of nine instances of food poisoning to date.

Lawsuit alleges Keurig brewers a dangerous product

Coffee is considered almost a dietary staple in many Washington, D.C., households, and while they may not all have a Keurig brewer, a number likely do. Frighteningly for coffee drinkers though, this common household appliance may, in fact, be a defective and dangerous product. In another state, Liberty Mutual Insurance is suing the company that produces the Keurig brewer after one of its units allegedly caught fire and caused extensive damage.

Monsanto facing product liability suit over weed-killer Roundup

Monsanto is likely a name familiar to most residents of Washington, D.C. The multi-billion-dollar corporation is making national headlines yet again after a slew of complaints in state and federal courts across the country over the health risks of a chemical in one of their products. In another state, the company is facing a product liability suit brought by a group of 40 individuals who allege exposure to the company's weed-killing product Roundup directly resulted in their non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Home appliance defect results in explosions, serious burns

Few people give much thought to their kitchen appliances on a day-to-day basis. Residents of Washington, D.C., may want to know, however, about a home appliance defect in a brand of blender that is popular across the nation. The best-selling NutriBullet device is currently under investigation after a number of consumers claim to have suffered burns when the product exploded during use.

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