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Patient suffers brain damage after surgeon leaves hospital

As any Washington, D.C., patients who have experienced one can attest, any medical errors at all are always upsetting, no matter how seemingly minor. To be reminded that highly-trained, highly-paid doctors may thoughtlessly make mistakes that leave an individual suffering can be extremely unsettling. Far worse, however, are incidents when one doctor's errors devastate the lives of an entire family forever, like in a recent case in another state involving a patient left with permanent brain damage.

Mother claims undiagnosed infection led to son's brain damage

Injuries to the brain are often not just serious, they can be life-changing. Severe brain damage can result in changes in physical and intellectual abilities and even an individual's personality. While a recently filed lawsuit did not occur in Washington, D.C., parents everywhere will be able to relate to the tragic circumstances that left a little boy permanently brain damaged.

Family awarded $17M in medical malpractice trial re brain damage

Injuries and damage to the brain can vary in severity or symptoms. Sadly, the effects are frequently serious and long-lasting, even permanent. Individuals who suffer severe brain damage often require costly ongoing medical treatment and around-the-clock care. An incident such as a falling object or a Washington, D.C. motor vehicle accident that leaves someone with a traumatic brain injury is devastating enough, but perhaps even more upsetting to imagine is if a doctor – an individual so many rely on for their health and well-being – makes an error that leaves a child with permanent brain damage.

Cerebral palsy devastating outcome of physician negligence

Washington, D.C. parents usually spend the first few months of their baby's life becoming familiar with the day-to-day routine of parenting. Most expect to change dozens of diapers and wake throughout the night for feedings, but few anticipate that they might have to deal with something much more serious. Fetal distress during labor can have devastating outcomes, such as cerebral palsy, which has lifelong implications.

Suit claims hospital failure leads to infant brain damage, death

To expectant mothers in Washington, D.C. and around the world, almost nothing could be more important than the health and well-being of their unborn children. Because of this, women put their trust in obstetricians and hospitals to help keep their babies safe. When the health care professionals charged with this task fail to take this duty seriously, any resulting brain damage or health problems can be serious or even deadly.

Birth injuries lawsuit: $53M awarded after infant brain damage

For most expectant mothers, in Washington, D.C. and the world over, their biggest fear is that something will be wrong with their baby's health. What could be worse, then, than the very hospital and medical staff entrusted with the care of the mother and infant being so negligent as to cause brain damage to an infant? Sadly, this is just what a recent birth injury lawsuit is claiming occurred.

What kinds of brain injures can take place after an impact?

Brain injuries come in many forms, from concussions to hematomas. Traumatic injuries to the brain can lead to a plethora of side effects and symptoms including memory loss, amnesia, trouble with speech and others. These injuries often require ongoing medical care. Checkups and treatment can be costly. The victims may not be able to work due to symptoms, which forces them to seek out compensation for bills and lost wages.

Teens can suffer brain injuries in car accidents

Teens who are just learning how to drive and those who ride with friends who are new drivers are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. Car crashes are the primary cause of traumatic brain injuries in teens who are 15 to 19 years old. It is crucial that anyone who has a teen takes the precautions necessary to help reduce the risk of them suffering from a TBI in a car accident.

Former wrestlers take legal action regarding brain injuries

The dangers of head injuries are widely known now. In fact, many former athletes are taking legal action against the leagues and organizations that they were associated with because of the lingering and life-altering effects that brain injuries suffered during their time as an active participant in their chosen sports caused. In fact, lawsuits against the National Football League and National Hockey League have recently come to light. You can add another professional sports league to that list -- World Wresting Entertainment.

Sports-related brain injuries may be helped with Q-Collar

Brain injuries can be managed in many cases, but for some, the injuries that are suffered are life-changing. Reducing brain injuries has to be a goal of those working in sports industries because players are much more likely to suffer an injury than others. This is particularly true of contact sports, where players may be tackled or hit in the head.

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