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Court awards $7 million for child's birth injuries

The expected arrival of a new baby should be a happy and joyous time in a family's life. However, there is nothing more devastating to parents than learning their newborn baby has suffered life-changing birth injuries due to the negligence of others. In Washington, D.C., and other states, medical professionals are being held accountable for a negligent delivery.

Parents awarded $11.35M for child's birth injuries

When couples in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere have children, they naturally hope that all will go well with the delivery and that the baby will be born healthy and ready to face all of life's challenges head-on. However, errors can occur during birth, which can lead to birth injuries that will adversely affect the child and pose additional challenges for the entire family. Sometimes, these adverse effects do not fully manifest until the child is older; however, parents who believe their child's condition was the result of injuries suffered during the delivery process have legal recourse through the civil court system.

Birth injuries lawsuit awards family $40M for negligent delivery

Cases involving the harmful negligence of a trusted professional are always upsetting. Few incidences of medical malpractice are as heart-rending, though, as those involving a negligent delivery that results in lasting, severe birth injuries to an innocent newborn. In a state not far from Washington, D.C., a lawsuit recently awarded over $40 million after just such a case of doctor error left a baby paralyzed.

Negligent delivery leaves infant with permanent brain damage

Instances of professional medical error are bad enough when they happen to adults, but there is little worse for most parents than when their children are the victims. For many Washington, D.C., residents, the birth of their babies is a joyous occasion, but in cases where a negligent delivery leaves a baby with birth injuries, what should have been the happiest day in many parents' lives becomes a lifelong battle for their children's health. Just such a devastating occurrence allegedly happened in another state and resulted in a long legal battle that ended in a settlement.

$33.8M in damages awarded for obstetrican's medical negligence

For most expectant mothers in Washington, D.C., the birth of their child is a time of excitement and joy. How upsetting to imagine, then, if this jubilant occasion was marred when a doctor's gross medical negligence resulted in injury to the infant. In another state, this is apparently just what happened.

Jury awards $14.5M in birth injury medical malpractice case

Children are expensive. Even those in perfect health will have their share of health care expenses as they grow into adulthood. For those babies born with injuries or special needs, the costs increase exponentially. When the negligence of the health care staff during delivery is to blame, many rightly feel that those responsible should foot the bill for the health care costs that will be required over the child's lifetime. In Washington D.C. and elsewhere, a medical malpractice claim is typically the best way to achieve this result.

Most cases of Erb's palsy occur as a result of negligence in the delivery room and can call for substanital compensation.

Erb's palsy is a condition that develops as the result of a brachial plexus injury. The brachial plexus is a system of nerves that that controls the movement of the shoulders and arms. A majority of brachial plexus injuries occur during birth in cases involving shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia is a specific type of complication where the child's shoulder becomes lodged behind the mother's pubic bones.

What should parents know about birth injuries?

A child who suffers from an injury at birth might be facing a lifetime of challenges. In some cases, such as when the injury results in cerebral palsy, those challenges might be physical, mental and even social. Many times, children who suffer birth injuries require extensive care as they grow up and well into adulthood. A multitude of services, such as medical specialists, therapists and others might be necessary. For that reason, parents might opt to seek compensation for the birth injury that the child suffered.

Failure to monitor vital signs during pregnancy and delivery can have devastating consequences

At all times during a pregnancy, and especially during labor and delivery, the health of the mother and her fetus are a top priority. One of the most reliable ways to ensure that all is well with mother and child is the monitoring of their vital signs. Vital signs can provide valuable insight into any complications and give your medical team advance notice so early action can be taken.

Cesarean section deliveries aren't without risk

Cesarean section deliveries have increased dramatically in recent years. Some women enjoy the convenience of being able to schedule the delivery of their child. Other women find out that they must have this surgical delivery when something goes amiss during the pregnancy or labor. In all cases, women must understand that c-sections aren't without risks to her and the baby.

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