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March 2018 Archives

Recent defective product recall includes smoke detectors

Consumers in Washington, D.C., trust that the products they use in their homes are safe and effective for their intended purposes. However, sometimes, products make their way into consumers' hands that contain defects or do not work as intended. A recent defective product recall by the Consumer Product Safety Commission includes a popular brand of smoke detectors.

Delayed diagnosis: $6M verdict for wife and estate

People in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere naturally assume their doctors will do everything possible to diagnose their conditions properly in order to begin the required treatment in a timely fashion. While this occurs in the majority of cases, there are times when a delayed diagnosis causes irreparable harm to the patient, sometimes leading to his or her untimely passing. When this happens, the patients or their surviving loved ones can pursue justice against any negligent physicians or health care providers to try to recover both economic and non-economic damages.

Premises liability: Who is to blame for bridge collapse?

When large-scale construction accidents occur, the incidents can cause severe and even fatal injuries to innocent workers and bystanders. Such was the case with a devastating pedestrian bridge collapse in another state, and authorities are trying to determine where the blame lies. Whenever people in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere are harmed or lose loved ones in such accidents, they can seek justice through the civil court system by filing premises liability claims.

Car accident involving fire truck claims life, injures another

A devastating accident occurred in Northeast Washington, D.C., recently that claimed the life of one motorist and caused severe injuries to a pregnant woman. The car accident involved a fire truck and happened around 12:15 in the afternoon of Friday, March 9. Now, the family of the deceased victim is seeking answers, and preliminary reports suggest the fire engine may have had faulty brakes.

Medical errors can lead to medical malpractice lawsuits

Residents in the Washington, D.C., area and others all around the country trust their physicians to accurately diagnose and treat any medical problems they may have. While doctors are human and may make mistakes, their errors can have potential life-altering effects. In fact, numerous medical malpractice lawsuits may arise from medical errors by healthcare providers.

Delayed diagnosis caused woman's permanent paralysis

When a person experiences pain in the District of Columbia, he or she often turn to the medical professionals at a hospital to help determine the cause of the pain and provide relief. Unfortunately, doctors may assume that the cause of severe pain is due to something innocuous, preventing them from exploring more serious options. Doing so can result in a delayed diagnosis with serious, life-long implications for patients. Sadly, these scenarios play out in Washington, D.C. and across the country.

Truck accident sends 5 to hospital

A family living in a southern suburb of Washington, D.C., experienced a terrifying ordeal recently when a tractor-trailer careened across the road and smashed into their home. The truck accident sent five people to the hospital, including the truck driver, and workers had to shore up the residence to keep it from collapsing. Authorities are still investigating what caused the truck driver to lose control and crash into the house.

Medical errors claim hundreds of thousands of lives each year

A study recently conducted by physicians with the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine found that medical mistakes claim over 250,000 lives each year. This makes medical errors number three on the list of leading causes of death for Americans behind heart disease and cancer; however, some claim the number is actually much higher. Medical errors also account for a large number of medical malpractice claims in Washington, D.C., and all over the United States.

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