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Medical malpractice alleges surgical errors led to leg amputation

When doctors recommend a surgical procedure, many patients may feel a sense of trepidation or anxiety. Regardless, most trust in their health care practitioners' expertise when a procedure is deemed necessary. As frightening as surgery may sometimes feel, most Washington, D.C. patients agree to undergo operations with the unspoken understanding that the procedure will help them get better, not worse. Yet in another state, a recently filed medical malpractice lawsuit is alleging that's exactly what happened.

Pharmaceutical errors no small matter

Many prescription drugs are strong and frequently cause side effects, so errors in dosage -- or, sometimes worse, mix-ups in the actual medication type -- are typically no small matter. Patients in Washington, D.C. and across the country rely on prescription medications -- and by extension, pharmacists -- to keep them safe and healthy. As such, pharmaceutical errors often have serious negative consequences, even for those victims lucky enough to survive.

Parents sue school district after girl's slip-and-fall accident

Some Washington, D.C., residents may mistakenly believe that all premises liability cases involve elderly or infirm individuals, but this is far from the case. Young and healthy people can fall victim to a slip-and-fall accident just as easily. In fact, such cases may be even more upsetting, knowing that a young person's whole life has been negatively affected due to the carelessness of those responsible for the hazardous conditions.

VA accused of medical malpractice after scalpel discovered in man

Undergoing an operation can be stressful enough without having to worry whether additional procedures will be necessary to fix any mistakes made by the surgeon. Yet in a state not far from Washington, D.C., this was apparently just what occurred, at least according to a recently filed medical malpractice lawsuit. A Veterans Affairs hospital is facing accusations of negligence after a man had to have an operation to remove a surgical instrument left inside his abdomen from a procedure that had taken place approximately four years prior.

Patient suffers brain damage after surgeon leaves hospital

As any Washington, D.C., patients who have experienced one can attest, any medical errors at all are always upsetting, no matter how seemingly minor. To be reminded that highly-trained, highly-paid doctors may thoughtlessly make mistakes that leave an individual suffering can be extremely unsettling. Far worse, however, are incidents when one doctor's errors devastate the lives of an entire family forever, like in a recent case in another state involving a patient left with permanent brain damage.

Medical malpractice can involve failure to check medical records

Residents of Washington, D.C., have the right to expect doctors to take basic steps to ensure their health and well-being. These most fundamental tasks could include things like verifying a patient's identity and checking his or her medical records. In a slight twist on the typical medical malpractice case, a man in another state has filed a lawsuit after a hospital allegedly refused to verify his identity and, instead, injected him with strong antipsychotics.

Hazardous conditions of roadway lead to lawsuit over broken foot

Often, premises liability lawsuits in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere revolve around slip-and-fall accidents in poorly maintained stores, restaurants or even parking lots, when puddles of water or other slick substances aren't promptly cleaned up, or when staff fails to remove dangerous objects from floors. But do other types of companies have the same legal responsibility to provide a safe environment for the public? Well, in another state, a pedestrian is suing over the hazardous conditions of the road after she suffered serious injuries as a result.

Spinal injuries from Giant Eagle's hazardous conditions?

To anyone in Washington, D.C., who has never experienced it, slipping and falling may sound like a minor or temporary inconvenience, but those who have suffered the consequences know that the results are often anything but. A woman in a nearby state suffered serious injuries in a slip-and-fall accident. She has filed a premises liability complaint against the locale where the incident took place, alleging that hazardous conditions were the reason for her fall.

Lawsuit claims surgical errors resulted in leg amputation

Whether in Washington, D.C., or anywhere in the nation, surgeons are supposed to be some of the most highly trained of all health care providers. This is to ensure that they can perform intricate surgical procedures precisely, as surgical errors put patients' health and well-being at stake. In another state, a recently filed lawsuit appears to illustrate this very point.

Surgical errors allegedly lead to loss of 18 inches of intestine

Many Washington, D.C., residents dislike hospitals and fear surgery, but they find a way to overcome their fright by trusting in their doctors' training and expertise. For the unfortunate few patients who find themselves suffering in the aftermath of surgical errors, however, these fears prove to be well founded. What are patients to do when a health care provider's negligent mistake leaves them seriously – and sometimes permanently – injured and in pain?

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