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Defective children's product accused of horribly injuring toddler

Products available for purchase by members of the Washington, D.C., public are expected to be safe for general use, or at least come with adequate instruction and warnings in cases where improper handling could result in injury. Such dangerous products, of course, should never be made available to children. In another state, though, a product liability lawsuit has been filed in regards to just such a defective children's product.

The product in question is a children's potty trainer, sold by Target. According to the lawsuit, a toddler was horrifically injured when his male organ became stuck to a part of the product during normal use. The family rushed the three-year-old to the emergency room, where doctors were forced to use glue to reattach the body part, which had been almost completely torn off. Physicians are apparently uncertain of the young boy's long-term prognosis and do not know whether the child will ever function normally again.

Distressing as this is, it is not the first incident of its kind involving this product, though it does seem to be the most severe to date. According to product reviews, other parents have complained of numerous issues with the potty chair, including rashes and another accident involving a young child being cut. Despite these complaints, Target has failed to put out a product recall on the apparently dangerous item.

The parents of the horrifically injured toddler have filed a product liability suit against Target, alleging defective design that led to injury. The suit also complains of negligence and failure to either warn parents of the hazards associated with using the product or to recall it. As this product is widely available in Targets across the nation, parents in Washington, D.C., would do well to be aware of the apparent intrinsic dangers. Luckily, there are local area attorneys who focus their practice on these types of cases, and they can provide legal counsel to any families who have suffered injury due to this or any other defective children's product.

Source: pe.com, "Gruesome potty training accident almost dismembers toddler: Target sued", Suzanne Hurt, Dec. 7, 2017

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