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Lawsuit alleges hospital negligence led to death of infant

A recently filed lawsuit in another state involves a situation that is most every Washington, D.C. mother's worst nightmare. A woman is suing for $8 million for hospital negligence after the loss of her newborn son. She blames medical staff for the smothering death of her baby due to an unfortunate series of events involving strong medications and alleged carelessness on the part of medical staff.

According to court records, the woman delivered the infant via C-section and was prescribed the painkiller Vicodin. While still in the hospital, she was also being given Ambien, a sleep aid. Three days after her baby's birth, nurses brought him in to be nursed at 3 in the morning, while she was allegedly under the influence of these prescription medications.

The lawsuit states that the nurses then proceeded to exit the room, leaving the drowsy, medicated mother alone with her infant. Apparently, she was unable to stay awake, and when she awoke an hour later, it was to discover, to her horror, that the baby was unresponsive. After trying and failing to rouse him, and when no nurses came to her aid, the woman ran into the hallway, carrying her baby and screaming for help.

The baby was not breathing and had suffered brain damage from the lack of oxygen, which left him permanently comatose. Tragically, he died seven days later. In addition to the alleged hospital negligence that caused her severe emotional grief and depression, PTSD and severe anxiety, the plaintiff is also suing on behalf of her son, who she claims suffered substantial pain, desperation and anxiety. The entire ordeal is devastating, and hopefully one that no residents of Washington, D.C. ever have to experience. For anyone in D.C. or the surrounding area who has suffered or lost a loved one due to medical error, there are professional legal resources who specialize in cases of this nature.

Source: americanow.com, "New Mom Falls Asleep Breastfeeding Newborn Baby, Wakes Up To Disturbing Sight", Charles Roberts, Nov. 14, 2017

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