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Lawsuit alleges misdiagnosis led to painful, irreversible surgery

Even when they are essential and lifesaving, surgeries are typically painful and dangerous, not to mention expensive. It's difficult to imagine anyone in Washington, D.C. volunteering to undergo a surgery that wasn't necessary or at least strongly recommended by a knowledgeable physician. What if that trusted physician's advice, however, was based on a carelessly made misdiagnosis, one which resulted in unnecessary surgery that left an individual stuck with unpleasant and permanent results?

This unfortunate scenario is exactly what a recently-filed lawsuit in another state is alleging occurred. In 2015, the plaintiff in the case was suffering from chronic blurred vision and sought treatment. Per the official complaint, the patient followed the advice of the doctor and underwent cataract surgery, performed by the defendant.

The lawsuit alleges that the patient was mistakenly diagnosed by the doctor, and names as defendants the diagnosing physician who performed the unnecessary surgery, as well Quantum Vision Centers, a subsidiary of JFJ Eyecare LTD. The plaintiff claims that he did not have cataracts, did not suffer from any signs or symptoms of cataracts, and that his vision would have been correctable without surgery. As a result of this misdiagnosis, alleges the lawsuit, the plaintiff's left eyeball is now scarred, and he suffers from physical and mental pain and facial disfigurement. The surgery also left him partially blind.

For these complaints, as well his resultant medical expenses and lost wages, the plaintiff is seeking judgment in excess of $75,000 and all legal fees. He requests a trial by jury against the defendants who, he alleges, negligently performed unnecessary surgery after failing to properly diagnose and treat his condition. Patients in Washington, D.C. who have similarly suffered because of a health care provider's misdiagnosis or carelessness may wish to explore their options for justice with an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

Source: madisonrecord.com, "Patient alleges partial vision loss from unnecessary eye surgery", Lhalie Castillo, Oct. 16, 2017

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