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October 2017 Archives

A broken back during therapy leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

Generally speaking, the average individual has little to no medical knowledge. That's one reason patients in Washington, D.C., rely so heavily on the experience and wisdom of their health care providers; medical professionals go through years of school and training so that they can then use the skills and judgment they have developed to deliver a certain standard of care to their patients. When they fail to meet that standard and a patient suffers as a result, this negligence is considered medical malpractice.

Lawsuit alleges misdiagnosis led to painful, irreversible surgery

Even when they are essential and lifesaving, surgeries are typically painful and dangerous, not to mention expensive. It's difficult to imagine anyone in Washington, D.C. volunteering to undergo a surgery that wasn't necessary or at least strongly recommended by a knowledgeable physician. What if that trusted physician's advice, however, was based on a carelessly made misdiagnosis, one which resulted in unnecessary surgery that left an individual stuck with unpleasant and permanent results?

Man files premises liability lawsuit after being burned by acid

Often, injured victims seek legal advice from an attorney after they experience damages in a slip-and-fall accident or due to the hazardous condition of a Washington, D.C. parking lot, for example. These, however, are unfortunately not the only dangerous situations in which the skills of a premises liability lawyer might prove invaluable. In fact, in another state, an injured working is suing for negligence on allegations that a company failed to maintain a work environment free from hazards, and that he suffered acid burns as a result.

Lawsuit accuses Walgreens of two separate pharmaceutical errors

Pharmacists go through years of education to make sure they are properly trained for their jobs. After all, there are lives at stake. Not only do Washington, D.C. patients rely on prescription medications to help treat their illnesses, but taking an incorrect medication due to pharmaceutical errors can have drastic, even deadly, consequences.

Woman files premises liability lawsuit after falling in hole

In a state not far from Washington, D.C., a woman has filed a lawsuit against several businesses after she suffered serious injuries. The premises liability claim accuses the defendants of negligence, carelessness and inattentiveness for their part in her July 2015 slip-and-fall accident. The woman claims that the injuries she suffered during the fall have severely affected her neck, ribs, legs, and right hand and arm.

Lawsuit alleges surgical errors led to permanent disability

In Washington, D.C., no matter how necessary and life-saving a surgical procedure may be, surgery usually causes most people to worry. Rightly so, as surgical procedures all carry some degree of risk; things can go wrong even with the most highly trained and experienced of surgeons. Unfortunately, at the other end of the spectrum lies surgeons who are not careful enough, and when a patient places his or her trust in a health care professional only to suffer due to surgical errors caused by careless inattention, someone should be held responsible.

Cerebral palsy devastating outcome of physician negligence

Washington, D.C. parents usually spend the first few months of their baby's life becoming familiar with the day-to-day routine of parenting. Most expect to change dozens of diapers and wake throughout the night for feedings, but few anticipate that they might have to deal with something much more serious. Fetal distress during labor can have devastating outcomes, such as cerebral palsy, which has lifelong implications.

Many providers refuse responsibility for medical malpractice

Accurate and timely diagnoses are essential for patients in Washington, D.C. Despite this, a significant number of patients nationwide report having experienced medical errors when seeking treatment. This type of widespread medical malpractice is especially disconcerting when health care providers refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.

Lawsuit: Fatal prescription medication error led to liver failure

Sometimes drug side effects are unavoidable, and the benefits of a medication outweigh the inconvenience. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and if a Washington, D.C. physician is not careful, a prescription medication error can lead to serious injury or, worse, death. Sadly, in another state, a lawsuit was recently filed regarding what appears to be just such an example of negligence in prescribing a medication, and it cost a man his life.

Fatal Washington, D.C. car accident kills 1, injures 2

While accidents may be an unfortunate part of life, it can be difficult to be understanding when another's egregious fault or negligence results in serious injury or, worse, the death of a loved one. Not only is it reasonable to want justice, but sometimes the resultant expenses -- either medical, or, tragically, funeral -- are costly, and it stands to reason that the accountable party should be held responsible. Car accident injuries or fatalities are one example of such instances, when another driver's error -- whether a simple case of momentary distraction or something infinitely more selfish, like drunk driving -- comes at a high cost indeed.

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