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September 2017 Archives

Woman's eyes permanently burned, alleges medical malpractice suit

Imagine undergoing surgery only to awaken in a worse physical condition than before. In a case that blurs the lines between product liability and medical malpractice, a couple has recently filed a lawsuit alleging that the wife suffered injuries during an eye surgery due to the equipment used. While the surgery didn't occur in Washington, D.C., the scenario is one that could easily have happened in an operating room anywhere in the country.

Falling objects involve Amtrak, SEPTA in premises liability case

The responsibility for maintaining safe Washington, D.C. premises goes far beyond keeping parking lots hazard-free and cleaning up slippery puddles. Falling objects pose a serious threat to the health and safety of any individuals on the property. In another state, a train passenger has filed a lawsuit alleging that falling power lines and debris caused her serious injuries.

Prescription medication errors can be dangerous, even fatal

Frighteningly, pharmacy errors occur much more frequently than many people realize. Most of these mistakes, thankfully, are minor, or the mistake is discovered before too much damage is done. Not everyone is so lucky, unfortunately, and while a recently filed lawsuit over an incident involving an incorrect prescription didn't occur in Washington, D.C., these types of medication errors occur all over the country every year.

Man alleges surgical errors led to quadriparesis, sues for $1M

Most patients in Washington, D.C. are aware that surgeries – even the most minor ones – carry at least some degree of risk. Human bodies can be unpredictable. What should not be unpredictable, though, is the standard of care to which surgeons are expected to adhere, because when surgical errors occur, the results can be devastating.

Washington, D.C. civil rights activist killed in car accident

No motor vehicle accidents are as devastating as those that prove fatal. Such is the case in a recent Washington, D.C. car accident that claimed the life of a woman. The victim was a civil rights activist who spent her days fighting for human rights.

Manufacturer accused in product liability suit after amputation

Companies have a legal responsibility to ensure that all products they create and sell are safe for use by Washington, D.C. consumers. Any potential dangers should be listed on the packaging so that consumers can take necessary precautions before deciding whether and how to use such products. In another state, a man has filed a product liability complaint alleging that a manufacturing company failed to provide such a warning, with dire consequences to his health.

Negligent maintenance may lead injury in D.C. parking lots

Often, Washington, D.C. premises liability cases may bring to mind images of someone slipping in a puddle that wasn't cleaned up in a timely manner. This is far from the only example of how negligent maintenance can cause injury to customers or patrons, however. In another state, for instance, a couple has filed a premises liability lawsuit after experiencing a parking lot injury.

Product liability suit alleges defective lock let in attacker

It would be safe to assume that most residents of Washington, D.C., make a point of keeping their doors and windows locked, and many even go so far as to install home security systems. It's a matter of safety. How terrifying to imagine, then, buying a lock specifically to keep your home safe only for that lock to fail in its one intended use. This scenario is exactly what a product liability lawsuit in another state is alleging.

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