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Jury: Surgical errors constitute negligence

Doctor error is always an upsetting and potentially dangerous issue, but mistakes made during surgery can be especially devastating. Many patients consider surgery a last resort, hoping that -- despite the invasiveness of the procedure -- it will at least provide the long-sought pain relief they desperately need, only to be left in a worse state than before. For residents of Washington, D.C. who have suffered serious injuries caused by surgical errors, a recent medical malpractice case may offer some hope of recompense for their ordeals.

In another state, a jury awarded a patient $1.2 million after a spine surgery left her with severe pain and other issues. The patient underwent surgery in 2011 that was supposed to correct the chronic back pain caused by her scoliosis. Instead, she was left with an abnormal spinal position and pain that was even more severe than before.

The botched surgery severely impacted the plaintiff's life, leaving her in so much pain that she sometimes passed out during the three years following until she had a final surgery to correct the initial mistakes. According to the lawsuit, the initial surgery left the patient's spine leaning forward and to the left and inadequate follow-up care only made her condition worse. At the conclusion of the medical malpractice trial regarding the surgery, the jury found in favor of the plaintiff and declared the original surgeon negligent.

Of the approximately $1.2 million damages awarded, over $219,000 went to pay for the past medical expenses that resulted from the initial failed surgery. According to court documents, the remaining monies were for non-economic damages. While money cannot always alleviate the pain and suffering that affects victims of medical malpractice, at least victims of surgical errors in Washington, D.C. can pursue justice and financial compensation with the help of an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

Source: yakimaherald.com, "Yakima jury awards $1.2 million to victim of medical malpractice", Molly Rosbach, Aug. 1, 2017

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