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Lawsuit accuses pain management specialist of surgical errors

Anyone in Washington, D.C. who has undergone surgery or has a family member or loved one who needed an operation likely knows just how worrisome the process can be. Even in relatively routine procedures, a lot can go wrong, as there are inherent risks and sometimes unforeseeable complications. However, surgical errors and mistakes are another matter entirely, one with which patients should not need to concern themselves.

Prescription medication allegedly resulted in birth defects

Expectant mothers are often very careful about what substances they allow to enter their bodies. From avoiding certain foods to confirming a prescription medication is safe to take during pregnancy to checking with their Washington, D.C. physicians before engaging in specific activities, many pregnant women take extreme caution to ensure the safety and well-being of the children they are carrying. However, when these women do not have access to all pertinent information, they cannot make informed decisions, which, in turn, may have detrimental effects on their infants' health.

Physician, hospital negligence alleged in heparin lawsuit

With hundreds, if not thousands of patients across the country requiring hospitalization on a daily basis, Washington, D.C. residents have the right to expect a certain standard of care from a medical staff. Unfortunately, this trust in health care professionals is sometimes misplaced. In a nearby state, a couple has recently filed a lawsuit alleging physician and hospital negligence.

Fiery Washington, D.C. car crash claims life of passenger

A recent fatal motor vehicle accident in Washington, D.C. has claimed a life. The single-vehicle car crash resulted in charges of negligent homicide against the driver, an out-of-state man accused of speeding, among other accusations of reckless behavior. Police responded to the scene of the accident around 3 o'clock in the morning after emergency calls reported the fiery wreck.

Numerous lawsuits over prescription medication Xarelto

Every day, patients across the U.S. rely on various medicines to keep them healthy, and residents of Washington, D.C. are no exception. Unfortunately, sometimes the very prescription medication intended to keep patients alive comes with side effects that can be severe, if not fatal. Worse yet, what if these side effects could be monitored, but neither doctors nor patients were made aware of the risks and potential preventative measures because the drug manufacturers were suppressing the data?

Jury: Surgical errors constitute negligence

Doctor error is always an upsetting and potentially dangerous issue, but mistakes made during surgery can be especially devastating. Many patients consider surgery a last resort, hoping that -- despite the invasiveness of the procedure -- it will at least provide the long-sought pain relief they desperately need, only to be left in a worse state than before. For residents of Washington, D.C. who have suffered serious injuries caused by surgical errors, a recent medical malpractice case may offer some hope of recompense for their ordeals.

Negligent delivery leaves infant with permanent brain damage

Instances of professional medical error are bad enough when they happen to adults, but there is little worse for most parents than when their children are the victims. For many Washington, D.C., residents, the birth of their babies is a joyous occasion, but in cases where a negligent delivery leaves a baby with birth injuries, what should have been the happiest day in many parents' lives becomes a lifelong battle for their children's health. Just such a devastating occurrence allegedly happened in another state and resulted in a long legal battle that ended in a settlement.

Walgreen's alleged medication errors send teen to ICU

Despite the fact that pharmaceutical mistakes happen every day across the U.S., few people realize the frequency at which they occur. Fortunately, it's a problem that most residents of Washington, D.C., won't ever have to worry about, but for the unlucky individuals who do end up the victims of medication errors, it's a nightmare experience they won't soon forget. After just such an ordeal in another state, a mother has recently filed a pharmaceutical litigation suit after she claimed a pharmacy's mistake resulted in a trip to intensive care for her son.

Medical malpractice suit alleges failure to act led to suicide

When it comes to health, be it physical or mental, an accurate and timely diagnosis can make all the difference. Families in Washington, D.C., rely on health care providers to use professional medical judgment and training to keep them safe and healthy. In another state, unfortunately, an apparent lapse in medical judgment has led one family to file a medical malpractice suit against the hospital where their son was treated after doctors' failure to act ended with suicide.

Medical malpractice suit accuses government agency of negligence

Whether in Washington, D.C., or elsewhere in the country, patients rightly expect their doctors to give them the care they need to stay healthy. A timely diagnosis can make all the difference in receiving necessary treatments, and with the faith most individuals place in modern medicine, it's difficult to imagine anyone being forced to repeatedly seek medical treatments without ever receiving a correct diagnosis. How tragic, then, to imagine seeing doctors for months because of severe pain and other problems only to eventually be told of a fatal illness after it is too late. Sadly, this is exactly what a recently filed medical malpractice lawsuit is alleging occurred.

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