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July 2017 Archives

Accurate diagnosis can make a big difference in health outcomes

Most residents of Washington, D.C. and, indeed, across the nation, rely on the experience and training of health care professionals on an almost daily basis, either for themselves or for their ailing family members, friends and loved ones. When they get sick, they trust their doctors to make an accurate diagnosis so that they can receive the treatment or medication they need. Unfortunately, a man in another state alleges that physicians at a medical facility failed to do just that.

Prescription medication error results in hospital stay for child

For most parents in Washington, D.C., and across the nation, the thought of anything happening to their children is terrifying. Mothers and fathers are usually very careful to follow doctors' and pharmacists' instructions, trusting these medical professionals to ensure their children's health and well-being. What happens, then, when that trust is misplaced and the prescription medication they so diligently gave their child turns out to be wrong?

Product liability suit alleges toxic materials in school lunch

For many residents of Washington, D.C., it sounds like a nightmare: Sending a child to school only to get a call later from the hospital that he or she has been poisoned. In another state though, a product liability suit has been filed after just such a scenario allegedly occurred. A middle school student apparently suffered serious injuries after ingesting a cleaning solution contained in the school lunch she was served.

Washington, D.C., drunk driving accident claims life of pedestria

Fatal car accidents are always a tragedy. Even worse, though, is knowing the crash could potentially have been avoided, but someone made the selfish and reckless decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated, and, in doing so, took the life of another, even if the act was unintentional or just plain thoughtless. Tragically, just such a fatal drunk driving accident apparently occurred recently in Washington, D.C.

Ignoring warnings on prescription medication can be fatal

When the Food and Drug Administration places safety warnings on medication boxes, they do so to alert users in Washington, D.C., and across the country of potential side effects and hazards. If these warnings are ignored, the results could be not just harmful but fatal. Take, for example, a recent wrongful death suit involving three doctors who allegedly administered a prescription medication despite the warning on the label, and, in doing so, may have caused a woman's death.

Woman suing Taco Bell after slip and fall accident

Like any other business open to the public, restaurants in Washington, D.C. are expected to be kept safe by their owners and operators. Because of alleged failure to uphold these reasonable expectations, a woman in another state is suing the operator of a Taco Bell, the nationwide fast food franchise. She claims that the operator's negligence caused her to suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident.

Severe burns beg question: E-cig battery a defective product?

Most Washington, D.C., consumers are likely at least familiar with e-cigarettes and, in fact, may be vapers themselves. Many individuals across the nation are switching from traditional tobacco products to e-cig devices in the hopes that they are a safer alternative. Unfortunately, at least for one man, this allegedly defective product was anything but safe.

Son sues VA hospital for medical malpractice after father's death

Veteran's medical centers tend to be busy and hectic, especially in large areas like Washington, D.C. No matter where the VA hospital is located and how busy it is, however, that's no excuse for medical negligence, especially not when it results in death. In another state, a grieving son has filed a medical malpractice suit alleging this and more.

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