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Is hair dye a dangerous product?

It's safe to assume that, when consumers in Washington, D.C. make beauty and hygiene-related purchases, they're thinking about how the product might make them look or feel. One thing many are likely not thinking about, though, is whether the hair treatment they're buying is a dangerous product. Unfortunately, one recent study suggests that some of these products might contribute to the development of cancer among users.

Rutgers University recruited over 4,000 women for research into the issue. In the study, researchers wanted to look into a possible link between the use of hair care products and an increased risk of breast cancer. After controlling for various factors among study participants -- such as health history and lifestyle -- researchers examined the women's use of various hair products, from conditioning treatments and dyes to chemical relaxers and more.

They found that, among the Caucasian participants, the use of chemical straighteners and relaxers were associated with an increased breast cancer risk of almost 75 percent. Among African-American women in the study, black and dark brown hair dyes were linked to an over 50 percent increased risk of breast cancer. These results seem to give further credence to the National Cancer Institute's reports that, while approximately one third of adult women use hair dye of some type, a number of the over 5,000 different chemicals used in hair dye products are carcinogenic.

While study authors do admit further research is necessary before definitive conclusions are made, the study's findings may be cause for concern, especially given how few other studies have been published about the possibility of causal links between breast cancer and hair dye. Consumers have the right to trust that items they purchase are safe; no one should have to worry that a product they bought at the store may give them cancer. Anyone in the Washington, D.C. area who has been harmed or suffered serious ill effects due to a defective or dangerous product or substance may benefit from exploring their legal rights with a lawyer experienced in products liability.

Source: Fox News, "Certain hair products may increase your risk of breast cancer", Michelle Gant, June 22, 2017

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