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Carelessness of negligent doctors results in foot amputation

If an individual went to a Washington, DC, emergency room with foot pain, he or she would likely trust the doctor's diagnosis and follow any instructions given. Unfortunately for one woman in another state, this ultimately led to the loss of her leg. The woman is now suing Lifepoint Hospitals and a number of defendants after the alleged carelessness of the negligent doctors there resulted in the amputation of her leg.

In April 2015, the plaintiff went to her local emergency room with complaints of foot pain. Three days after her visit, she saw a physician's assistant when the pain and swelling in her right foot had not abated. There, she was diagnosed with gout. According to the complaint, the patient was discharged with instructions to take medications to treat her condition, which she was told would improve within a few days.

However, when the pain continued to worsen, she was instructed by her doctor's office to return to the emergency room. When she did, doctors there discharged her with instructions to cease the gout medication and instead, request a prescription for Lyrica from her own physician. When the woman went to Boone Memorial Hospital some days later, an examination revealed a severe blood clot in her right groin, which led to prolonged ischemia in the foot and limb.

Despite stents being inserted to counteract the blockage and re-establish blood flow, the woman eventually lost her right lower leg and foot, which the suit claims was a direct result of the woman's negligent doctors and their recklessness and carelessness. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants' deviation from the appropriate standard of care directly and indirectly resulted in economic losses, pain and suffering and mental anguish, and the woman's loss of limb. The suit is seeking compensatory damages and interest. Any DC residents who have similarly suffered due to a doctor's negligence or error may benefit from the experienced advice of a medical malpractice attorney.

Source: wvrecord.com, "Woman sues Lifepoint Hospitals for medical malpractice", Kyla Asbury, June 13, 2017

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