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June 2017 Archives

Is hair dye a dangerous product?

It's safe to assume that, when consumers in Washington, D.C. make beauty and hygiene-related purchases, they're thinking about how the product might make them look or feel. One thing many are likely not thinking about, though, is whether the hair treatment they're buying is a dangerous product. Unfortunately, one recent study suggests that some of these products might contribute to the development of cancer among users.

Premises liability suit after young girl falls at Mall of America

Washington, D.C., businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe environment, free from hazards that could cause injury to anyone visiting the premises. When they fail to do so and someone is hurt as a result, they open themselves up to the possibility of a premises liability suit, and deservedly so. A good example of such an instance is a recent case involving a young girl's fall at the Mall of America.

Carelessness of negligent doctors results in foot amputation

If an individual went to a Washington, DC, emergency room with foot pain, he or she would likely trust the doctor's diagnosis and follow any instructions given. Unfortunately for one woman in another state, this ultimately led to the loss of her leg. The woman is now suing Lifepoint Hospitals and a number of defendants after the alleged carelessness of the negligent doctors there resulted in the amputation of her leg.

State trooper, pedestrian injured in drunk driving accident

DC and Maryland residents are likely concerned when preventable accidents happen. A pedestrian and a state trooper were both struck and injured in a collision early on the morning of June 11. The suspected drunk driving accident occurred at around 3:30 a.m. that Sunday along Route 4. The trooper's cruiser was parked at an accident scene when an oncoming vehicle rear-ended him and then struck a nearby pedestrian.

Cook Medical faces product liability suit for Celect IVC Filter

Washington, D.C., residents have the right to expect that the household products they purchase are safe. How much worse, then, when the dangerous or defective product in question is a medical device supposed to help prevent harm? In another state, a man has recently filed a product liability case alleging just that after he was injured following the surgical implantation of a Celect® Retrievable Inferior Vena Cava Filter.

Prescription medication Abilifty linked to compulsive behavior

With tens of thousands of patients taking aripiprazole every year, there is a good likelihood that a number of Washington, D.C. residents have taken the drug at some point. The prescription medication, marketed under the brand name Abilify, has been used to treat disorders like depression. However, a growing number of lawsuits indicates that the negative side effects may far outweigh any potential benefits.

Drunk driving accident claims life of Maryland tow truck driver

Tragically, a Maryland man was recently killed in a car crash. According to official reports in the ongoing investigation, his death appears to have been the result of a drunk driving accident. The 48-year-old tow truck driver was struck when a vehicle operated by a Baltimore resident collided with him on an Anne Arundel County roadway.

Medical malpractice suit blames infant's death on negligence

Worrying about one's own health is stressful enough, but when it comes to the health of one's children, few things are more important. Like others across the nation, most residents of Washington D.C. have no choice but to rely on the knowledge and training of doctors and hospital staff to ensure their children receive proper and adequate medical treatment. Sadly, a woman in another state recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging that her trust in the hospital staff there was misplaced, as their negligence ultimately resulted in the death of her infant son.

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