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May 2017 Archives

Possible dangerous side effects of prescription medication Avelox

Avelox is an antibiotic used to treat severe infections. In fact, residents of Washington, D.C., may have taken the prescription medication for any of a variety of illnesses, from pneumonia to sinusitis. However, patients may want to think twice before deciding whether the benefits of taking the drug outweigh the apparent risks.

Jurors award $744k in surgical medical malpractice suit

Any residents of Washington, D.C., who faced the choice of whether to undergo surgery -- even when the procedure is life-saving and essential – are doubtlessly aware that it is usually a major and daunting decision. Imagine, then, being convinced by a surgeon that a painful procedure is necessary, only to discover later that other, less-intrusive methods could have been attempted first. In a recent medical malpractice suit in another state, this is apparently just what occurred.

Woman's devastating illness draws attention to medication errors

Nearly 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription medication. That means that seven out of every 10 residents of Washington, D.C., likely rely on a pharmacy to make sure that their prescriptions are filled accurately, as medication errors can have devastating results. Take, for example, a case in another state, where an alleged pharmacy error resulted in a serious skin condition for one woman.

Woman files product liability suit over botulism poisoning

Gas stations and convenience stores can be a great place to stop in Washington, D.C,. for anyone in a hurry. One might expect to find fuel, beverages and variety of snack foods. What one would not expect to encounter, however, is botulism. Unfortunately for a woman in another state, this is just what she experienced, and she and her family have filed a product liability case against the gas station that sold food products officials believe led to a total of nine instances of food poisoning to date.

Medical malpractice suit: UTI delayed diagnosis leads to death

Those who go to an emergency room in Washington, D.C. rightly expect to be seen by a doctor and treated for the illness or injury for which they sought emergency medical attention in the first place. They would likely not expect to be sent home, untreated and still ill, only to have to return again the next day with symptoms even more severe. Frighteningly, a recently refiled medical malpractice lawsuit in another state alleges that this is exactly what happened. Tragically, the medical center's alleged failure to diagnose the woman's illness resulted in her death.

$33.8M in damages awarded for obstetrican's medical negligence

For most expectant mothers in Washington, D.C., the birth of their child is a time of excitement and joy. How upsetting to imagine, then, if this jubilant occasion was marred when a doctor's gross medical negligence resulted in injury to the infant. In another state, this is apparently just what happened.

Maryland truck accident leaves woman in critical condition

Accidents involving larger vehicles like trucks tend to be more catastrophic than crashes between smaller vehicles. This is in part due to the size and weight of trucks, but other factors come into play as well, like longer reaction times and less maneuverability. While officials are still uncertain of what contributing factors led up to it, a truck accident recently occurred on Maryland Route 91 that left a woman in critical condition.

Lawsuit alleges Keurig brewers a dangerous product

Coffee is considered almost a dietary staple in many Washington, D.C., households, and while they may not all have a Keurig brewer, a number likely do. Frighteningly for coffee drinkers though, this common household appliance may, in fact, be a defective and dangerous product. In another state, Liberty Mutual Insurance is suing the company that produces the Keurig brewer after one of its units allegedly caught fire and caused extensive damage.

Maryland Heights car accident claims life of 18-year-old

Car accidents can range from minor fender benders to catastrophic multi-vehicle collisions. While even a mild rear-ender can be a major inconvenience, sometimes automobile accidents have a much more tragic outcome. This proved to be the case in a recent car accident in Maryland Heights when a multi-vehicle crash claimed the life of a woman.

Wal-Mart involved in premises liability suit over chicken grease

Store owners in Washington, D.C. and across the country have the responsibility to ensure that their customers have a safe shopping experience, free from hazards. When they fail to do so, innocent shoppers may suffer. In a recently filed premises liability case in another state, a woman is suing Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., after she says she experienced just such an incident.

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