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Family suing for exposure injuries from prescription medication

Doctors in Washington, D.C. and everywhere else in the country have the responsibility to ensure that the medications they prescribe to patients don't end up doing more harm than good. It is important to make sure that a patient is informed and aware of the potential side effects and hazards associated with any prescription medication, to minimize risk and maximize safety. In another state, a man and his wife are suing on behalf of their family after a slew of health problems resulted from just such a failure to inform.

The lawsuit alleges that the man's use of a prescription topical testosterone product resulted in serious medical problems for his wife and children after they repeatedly came into physical contact with him over a prolonged period. The lawsuit names as defendants the Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy, the Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine and the physicians at Akasha who prescribed the product. The suit alleges that, when they prescribed the bio-identical hormone therapy replacement cream, no one warned the man of the risks posed to women and children through accidental prolonged exposure to testosterone.

About two years after he began taken the prescription, the man linked its use to the serious medical problems his family had started experiencing as a result of their exposure. The suit also claims that federal regulators have warned of the hazards associated with children's exposure to testosterone since 2009. The family has since suffered a number of medical problems, allegedly as a direct result, including but not limited to a premature hysterectomy for the wife, and precocious puberty, enlarged reproductive organs, advanced bone age, aggressive behavior and more in the young son and daughter.

The future of the family's health and well-being remains uncertain. As such, the suit is seeking unspecified damages, citing negligence, fraud and misrepresentation and breach of warranty. Anyone in Washington, D.C. who has likewise suffered injury as a result of a prescription medication may benefit from the knowledgeable legal counsel of an attorney with experience in similar cases.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "Dad Claims Kids' Exposure To Testosterone Cream Led To Early Puberty", April 21, 2017

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