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Home appliance defect results in explosions, serious burns

Few people give much thought to their kitchen appliances on a day-to-day basis. Residents of Washington, D.C., may want to know, however, about a home appliance defect in a brand of blender that is popular across the nation. The best-selling NutriBullet device is currently under investigation after a number of consumers claim to have suffered burns when the product exploded during use.

In one of the most recent cases, a man complained he was seriously injured when he was attempting to make a mango sauce for his family. He poured hot liquid into the blender and began using the device when the top suddenly exploded off the base, nearly blinding him. The incident resulted in first- and second-degree burns to the man's face, hands and torso.

After several such dangerous events, the latest edition of the device's manual includes a warning against using hot liquids in the blender. However, the temperature of the liquids may not, in fact, be the only contributing factor, as a number of consumers allege they were using room-temperature substances in their NutriBullets when they suffered similar explosions and burns. There apparently exists the possibility that contents of the device will overheat due to friction caused by the blades, with the end result being the same, an exploding device spraying hot contents onto the user.

The latest lawsuit names NutriBullet LLC as a defendant as well as Captial Brands LLC, Homeland Housewares LLC and Call To Action LLC. These four companies are all apparently involved in various aspects of the product, including design, manufacturing and sale. Past similar lawsuits have involved complaints against the makers of the Magic Bullet as well or against the devices' shared parent company, Capital Brands. Regardless of the specifics of each lawsuit, however, it is clear that this home appliance defect is not one to take lightly. If anyone in Washington, D.C., has been similarly injured or burned in an explosion or an incident like one of those mentioned above, he or she may wish to consult a lawyer with experience in product liability cases.

Source: Fox News, "Infomercial bestseller NutriBullet investigated over 'exploding' units", Rebekah Sager, March 14, 2017

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