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Delayed diagnosis allegedly results in traumatic brain injury

Residents of Washington, D.C., and, indeed, all people across the nation need to be able to rely on prompt and accurate health care diagnoses. In fact, in many instances, a delayed diagnosis can prove not only severely detrimental but fatal. Thankfully, in one such case in another state, the victim of the alleged medical negligence did not die, but his health and well-being paid a high price for a health care professional's error.

In August 2016, the man arrived at the hospital with a left facial droop, slurred speech and drooling. A radiologist at the hospital performed an MRI and, after analyzing the results, allegedly diagnosed no abnormalities. However, the man's symptoms did not improve, and several hours later, the patient was transferred to a medical center.

At the medical center, stroke neurology analyzed the same scans. They apparently detected a blockage to the basilar artery and subsequently performed a follow-up MRI/MRA that showed even more damage. The lawsuit alleges that, because of the delay in diagnosis and thus delay in treatment, the man suffered acute hypoxia due to respiratory failure and went into a coma.

According to the lawsuit, the patient's traumatic brain injury and partial paralysis were caused by the delay in his diagnosis and necessary neurological care at the hands of the hospital and the radiologist there. The man will now require extensive and ongoing medical care and, because of this, is seeking a total of $9.4 million for both economic damages and pain and suffering. Anyone in Washington, D.C., who has similarly suffered due to a delayed diagnosis or doctor error may wish to seek the counsel of a lawyer with experience in medical malpractice cases, as an attorney will be able to offer guidance on possible avenues for justice and recompense.

Source: dailyastorian.com, "Music shop owner sues radiologist for negligence", Derrick DePledge, March 21, 2017

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