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Steps to consider after a Washington, D.C. hit-and-run accident

For anyone stuck in Washington, D.C. traffic, what could be more upsetting than a car crash? The answer is a hit-and-run accident. While many people think these are rare, the opposite is actually true; not only are hit-and-runs increasing across the nation, but one U.S. city even reached a point recently where fully half of all motor vehicle accidents involved one of the drivers leaving the scene.

When a hit and run occurs, many say there are a few things a victim should do, if possible. One of the first things is to write down the offender's license plate number, as well as any and all remembered details of the incident. This information will come in handy in any police investigation. Someone involved in an accident, or even a bystander, will probably want to call 911 if law enforcement is not already on the scene.

Most likely, the first thing police officers will ask for when they arrive at the scene will be the license plate information. Any further details, such as the model and make of the vehicle, its color and other potentially identifying information may assist them in locating the other driver. Locating the driver, though, is something best left to the police; it is ill-advised for an accident victim to ever chase or confront the driver. Not only could doing so be dangerous, but officers will need to gather details about the accident for the police report.

Reporting the accident to one's insurance company is important for compensation, but individuals should note that the insurance company might balk at covering the damages -- depending on what actually happened. At this point, it may be advisable to contact a lawyer to seek legal counsel. An attorney with experience in handling Washington, D.C. car crash claims will know more about the various legal avenues for pursuing compensation in the case of a hit-and-run accident.

Source: autoblog.com, "How to safely and effectively handle a hit-and-run incident", Jenna Cyprus, Feb. 1, 2017

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