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Jury awards $14.5M in birth injury medical malpractice case

Children are expensive. Even those in perfect health will have their share of health care expenses as they grow into adulthood. For those babies born with injuries or special needs, the costs increase exponentially. When the negligence of the health care staff during delivery is to blame, many rightly feel that those responsible should foot the bill for the health care costs that will be required over the child's lifetime. In Washington D.C. and elsewhere, a medical malpractice claim is typically the best way to achieve this result.

In a recent case, a jury in one state awarded $14.5 million in a malpractice lawsuit after a child was born with cerebral palsy and numerous other issues due to medical mistakes. Of that total, $3 million was for the boy's pain and suffering and any lost earnings. The remainder was an approximation of the estimated cost for the medical expenses he'll likely need over the next 40 or more years, as the level of his medical needs was deemed extraordinary.

According to the evidence, hospital staff should not have administered the drug Pitocin; doing so resulted in the delivery process accelerating to the point that the infant had no time to recover between contractions. Even though the use of the drug is prohibited by hospital protocol when mothers are dilating, and despite the fact that the fetal heart monitor clearly demonstrated that the infant was suffering from oxygen deprivation, the medical staff in attendance took no steps to discontinue the hormone's delivery. As a result, the child, now 4 years old, cannot walk, sit up or even talk.

While the amount of this monetary award is clearly substantial, the child's health care costs are estimated to be at around $131,000 per year and will undoubtedly increase over time. Anyone in Washington, D.C. whose child suffered injuries at birth due to the negligence of hospital staff or health care professionals has the right to explore their legal options. A lawyer with experience in medical malpractice cases can offer legal counsel and representation to help the family seek financial relief for their ordeal.

Source: tribdem.com, "Court in Johnstown awards record malpractice verdict", David Hurst, Jan. 31, 2017

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