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February 2017 Archives

$45M in damages awarded in medical malpractice lawsuit

For many parents in Washington, D.C., a recent lawsuit doubtless sounds like something out of a nightmare. A medical malpractice lawsuit accused doctors at a regional medical center in another state of failing to accurately diagnose an infant's leg fracture. This, tragically, is said to have contributed to a chain of events that ultimately resulted in the child's permanent brain damage.

Could a treadmill be a dangerous product?

People in Washington, D.C. exercise to get – or stay -- healthy. Individuals who do not live near a gym or cannot go outside during the winter months often rely on their home exercise equipment. However, one of the most common pieces of exercise equipment that thousands of people use every day in their homes -- a treadmill -- could actually be a dangerous product.

Premises liability lawsuit blames table canopy for head injury

Property owners in Washington, D.C. have an obligation to keep their buildings or business areas safe for visitors. Individuals who lawfully enter public locations expect to be reasonably protected against injuries from things like designs defects or hazardous conditions. A woman in one state claims she was hurt while visiting a home market and has since filed a premises liability lawsuit.

Jury awards $2.4M in medical malpractice lawsuit

When patients check into a hospital, they expect the attendant doctors and nursing staff to review their symptoms and medical history in order to develop an accurate diagnosis and determine treatment. While the following example didn't take place in Washington, D.C., a medical malpractice suit in another jurisdiction was filed when a doctor failed to do just that. The doctor's excuse was that he doesn't have time to review everything about each patient admitted to the emergency room; clearly, though, the jury disagreed with him, finding both the physician and a nurse legally responsible when a patient died three days after being admitted into their care.

Did prescription medication error cause untimely death?

Anyone in Washington, D.C. who is suffering from illegal substance addiction issues and has the option to check themselves into a drug treatment facility. There, medical professionals are responsible for overseeing the detox program, issuing prescription medication as necessary and ensuring the process is done in a safe manner. One woman in another state, however, lost her husband when the health care professionals in charge allegedly prescribed a medication that led to the man's death.

Steps to consider after a Washington, D.C. hit-and-run accident

For anyone stuck in Washington, D.C. traffic, what could be more upsetting than a car crash? The answer is a hit-and-run accident. While many people think these are rare, the opposite is actually true; not only are hit-and-runs increasing across the nation, but one U.S. city even reached a point recently where fully half of all motor vehicle accidents involved one of the drivers leaving the scene.

Jury awards $14.5M in birth injury medical malpractice case

Children are expensive. Even those in perfect health will have their share of health care expenses as they grow into adulthood. For those babies born with injuries or special needs, the costs increase exponentially. When the negligence of the health care staff during delivery is to blame, many rightly feel that those responsible should foot the bill for the health care costs that will be required over the child's lifetime. In Washington D.C. and elsewhere, a medical malpractice claim is typically the best way to achieve this result.

Fatal car crash occurs as Washington, D.C. motorcade passes

Both Maryland State and U.S. Capitol police were assisting with a motorcade traveling from Washington, D.C. when a multiple-vehicle accident claimed at least one life. The deadly car crash occurred on the morning of Jan. 25 and injured several other victims as well. The State Police CRASH team is still reconstructing events, but several facts are known.

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