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Child's tonsillectomy death leads to medical malpractice suit

It's the third most common childhood surgical procedure, performed daily on children in Washington D.C., with approximately 530,000 tonsillectomies done each year in the United States. However, what should have been a routine operation turned into every parent's worst nightmare when a 9-year-old girl died within hours of her tonsillectomy. The little girl's distraught family is understandably demanding answers as they plan to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the medical center where the girl underwent the surgery.

Reportedly, the child's mother had delayed having her daughter undergo the tonsillectomy procedure for years, because of nerves. Doctors insisted, however, that the surgery was medically necessary and would solve the girl's snoring problem. The operation, which was supposed to take about 40 minutes, instead lasted for two hours.

Afterwards, she was discharged, but the mother said she knew her daughter wasn't ready to leave the medical center. She says her child kept drifting in and out of sleep, and she could tell her daughter was not feeling well. Tragically, within only a few short hours, the girl died.

Autopsy results will not be forthcoming for several weeks, and current medical reports are proposing a variety of causes for the child's death, ranging from an undetected heart condition to an obstructed airway to anesthesia complications. The mother, though, is sure of one thing:  the ENT who performed the operation should not have been so quick to discharge her daughter who, in her opinion, was clearly not in a stable condition after the surgery. A lawsuit won't change what happened, but it does offer the opportunity to seek full financial accountability from the parties who are believed responsible for the tragic loss. Any parent in Washington, D.C. who has lost a child or whose child is suffering post-surgery due to medical errors has every right to contact a medical malpractice attorney for guidance.

Source: Fox News, "Family plans to sue after 9-year-old dies following routine tonsillectomy", Jan. 6, 2017

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