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October 2016 Archives

2 injured in serious collision on Capital Beltway

Crashes happen for all kinds of reasons, from drivers who get behind the wheel drunk to those who decide that speeding is a good idea. Whether a crash is caused by distracted driving or another kind of negligence, filing a lawsuit against the dangerous driver is always an option that you have.

The fall season brings unique challenges for drivers and others

Now that the autumn weather is here, it is time for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists to take a few minutes to brush up on some basic autumn safety tips. This season has several unique challenges that drivers have to take into consideration. Some of these challenges are things that pedestrians and bicyclists should also be aware of.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are possible in negligence cases

Medical malpractice litigation stems from very serious problems that adversely impact patients and their family members. When the issue was something that could have been prevented, the person who was harmed might opt to seek compensation for his or her injuries. This has a few purposes — holding the doctor accountable, providing the financial means to get medical care for the injury and possibly call the issue to light so others won't suffer the same way.

3D printing creating new legal issues in liability cases

Product liability is going to change in the digital age, because 3D printers and other technology are making it harder to identify who the true manufacturer and developer of a product is. In a traditional product liability case, there are three kinds of claims. These include the failure-to-warn, manufacturing defects and design defects. These may still apply, but identifying who it is you need to sue could be more difficult.

What should you look for in a hospital?

For patients, there's nothing worse than finding out that they've been hurt or lost a loved one due to the mistakes of a doctor, nurse or pharmacist. Besides having to have an operation or treatment to begin with, they may have to have additional medical care now to repair the damage that has been done. They may have missed work or need to recover expenses, which is why a medical malpractice case could be the right answer in a number of situations where errors were made during a treatment plan.

Serious conditions require immediate care

There are some medical conditions that are emergencies that just can't be put off when they need treatment. Some of these include heart attacks, strokes and forms of cancer. When you are suffering from one of those, you need to be able to count on doctors to give you the life-saving treatment that you need.

All medical malpractice can cause patients to live in agony

Medical malpractice is a very serious issue in this country. Patients who don't receive the care that meets the standards can be injured or die. For those patients and their family members, the new reality of life after medical malpractice is difficult to cope with.

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