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Sports-related brain injuries may be helped with Q-Collar

Brain injuries can be managed in many cases, but for some, the injuries that are suffered are life-changing. Reducing brain injuries has to be a goal of those working in sports industries because players are much more likely to suffer an injury than others. This is particularly true of contact sports, where players may be tackled or hit in the head.

One of the new pieces of technology that is designed to protect against traumatic brain injuries is the Q-Collar. This new technology is shaped like a "C" and uses the internal physiology of the human body to protect against brain injuries. Other technologies use external protectors like guards or helmets.

What causes many kinds of brain injuries? The slosh effect occurs when the brain moves in the cerebrospinal fluid. The more the brain moves, the more likely it is to be damaged. Preventing that movement is the key to saving the brain from injury.

This collar works by reducing the risk of injury by increasing the blood volume in the cranium, boosting the overall fluid levels. That extra volume reduces the slosh effect that may normally take place, essentially limiting the risk to the brain by preventing movement. In past studies, it's been shown that athletes without the collar had alternations in their white brain matter, whereas those who used it did not. That's the goal, and it's one that could help reduce the risk of injuries in the future in sports and in any other situation where a brain injury could potentially result.

Those who already have been injured may decide to seek compensation by filing a civil claim for damages with the courts.

Source: Sport Technie, "The Q-Collar Has Shown To Be Effective In Reducing Sports Related Brain Injuries," June 20, 2016

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