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June 2016 Archives

Bus crash leads to 15 injured, 1 fatality near Washington, D.C.

Car and bus accidents can be incredibly dangerous for those involved; in buses, there are often no seat belts, and the items passengers brought with them on board can easily be thrown around, causing others to be struck by luggage and other items. When these accidents happen, many people suffer the consequences, just like in this case.

Sports-related brain injuries may be helped with Q-Collar

Brain injuries can be managed in many cases, but for some, the injuries that are suffered are life-changing. Reducing brain injuries has to be a goal of those working in sports industries because players are much more likely to suffer an injury than others. This is particularly true of contact sports, where players may be tackled or hit in the head.

Who will be held responsible if a nurse caused my injuries?

When most people think about medical malpractice claims, it is typically a doctor's error that comes to mind. The truth is that an error by any medical professional that negatively impacts patient health can create grounds for a medical malpractice claim, including nurses and others.

Retained surgical instruments pose a serious hazard

Patients who go into a surgery expect to leave the surgery in somewhat better shape than when they went into the surgery. What these patients don't expect is to leave the surgery with retained surgical instruments that can pose a problem later on. When surgical instruments remain in the patient, serious harm can occur.

Morcellator deaths spur proposed Medical Device Guardian's Act

For decades the medical device known as a morcellator caused the death of hundreds, if not thousands, of women by spreading undetected cancer throughout their body. Despite these deaths, hospitals and physicians did not report these issues to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, it was not until 2013, when physician Amy Reed's uterine cancer spread after a morcellation procedure, that the FDA was notified. In 2014, the FDA issued a "black box" warning on the morcellator. While this warning has severely limited the morcellator's use today, the damage was already done for many.

Wage war after a semi-truck crash devestates your life

Your life after a semi truck accident will likely never be the same. Even if you weren't physically injured in the accident, the trauma that you experienced emotionally and mentally might mean that you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. This can make it difficult to live a normal life, especially when the source of the PTSD is something that many people come into contact with on a daily basis.

Why do medication errors happen at pharmacies?

Medication errors are on the rise, and as a patient, that should be bothersome. If you are injured by medication errors, know that the medical community is aware of the problem, but not as much has been done about it as could be. Are there really ways to reduce the number of injuries due to these mistakes? Yes, and they should be implemented.

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to a variety of injuries

The busy summer season is here in Washington, DC. With tourists flocking to see the sites and locals out enjoying the nice weather, the roadways are going to be full of vehicles. The increase in traffic might mean that there are more motor vehicle accidents. There are a host of injuries that might occur during a motor vehicle accident, but some are more common than others.

Discharge from the hospital can be a risky time for patients

Medication errors after discharge can create severe injury or death

The transition from the hospital to home, nursing home or other facility is also a critical time in a person's recovery. Every medical professional assisting in this transition must properly manage the processes in order to give patients the best chance at a complete recovery. Failure at any point in the process can result in devastating injuries or even death.

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