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Emergency rooms are busy, but that doesn't excuse negligence

Emergency rooms are very busy departments in most hosptials, especially in large cities like Washington, D.C. Many people assume that hospital emergency rooms are busy because of life-or-death situations like heart attacks, severe traumas, and similar catastrophic injuries. That, however, isn't necessarily the case.

Cesarean section deliveries aren't without risk

Cesarean section deliveries have increased dramatically in recent years. Some women enjoy the convenience of being able to schedule the delivery of their child. Other women find out that they must have this surgical delivery when something goes amiss during the pregnancy or labor. In all cases, women must understand that c-sections aren't without risks to her and the baby.

Medical malpractice: The 3rd leading cause of death

As a patient, you want to be in a safe environment when you're sick or need medical assistance. You don't think that going to a hospital is going to wind up hurting you or even resulting in your death because of errors. Sadly, medical errors are a major concern in the United States.

Any product can be dangerous; take action if you are injured

Almost any item you purchase at a store has the potential to be dangerous. This is because defects in manufacturing and other issues can occur in any product, even ones that have been used for a long period of time. We know that even products that seem safe can sometimes have hidden dangers.

Mother loses family in sudden car accident in Maryland

When you go out on the town, it might be with family or friends. All of your best friends or closest family members are with you, so imagining an accident that takes them away from you is devastating. If the unthinkable happens, there's a chance you can recover the expenses you put into medical care and other needs, but that won't bring back those you love.

The cost of a missed cancer diagnosis is emotional and financial

Cancer is a very invasive disease that can easily overtake a person's body. While some cancers spread slowly, other cancers spread very rapidly. In many cases, starting treatment for the cancer as early as possible has an impact on the patient's prognosis. When a patient goes to the doctor with symptoms that stem from cancer, a prompt diagnosis is crucial. When a doctor doesn't make the correct diagnosis, it is possible that the cancer will spread to the point of being considered untreated and terminal.

Johnson & Johnson continues to settle morcellator claims

For decades, Johnson & Johnson manufactured power morcellators for use in hysterectomies and uterine fibroid removal procedures. While use of the morcellator promoted faster healing times, for women with undiagnosed uterine cancer, morcellation was usually fatal. This was because morcellators grind body tissue into small fragments, which are then removed from the body. Tragically, the morcellator would also grind up cancerous tissue, and tiny pieces of the cancerous tissue would spread across the abdominal cavity, taking a treatable Stage 1 cancer and turning it into Stage 4 cancer in a short period of time.

Medical errors are still the third-leading cause of death

Surgical errors still affect many people in the United States every year. In fact, around a quarter of a million people are killed every year because of these errors. Medical errors, including these surgical errors, are completely preventable in most cases.

Preterm premature rupture of membranes is a serious condition

A fetus is protected by the amniotic sac, which helps to regulate the fetus' environment and keep infections at bay. In most cases, the amniotic sac remains intact throughout the pregnancy and ruptures only when the pregnancy is full term and the baby is ready to be born. There are some instances in which the amniotic sac, or bag of water, ruptures prematurely. That condition is called preterm premature rupture of the membranes. This is a serious medical condition that can place the mother and unborn baby at risk, so it must be treated immediately and using proper methods.

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