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November 2015 Archives

5 people sent to hospital following a 3-vehicle crash

Multivehicle crashes can be incredibly dangerous to the people involved, and they tend to lead to multiple injuries and possibly fatalities. If you've been in a collision with more than one vehicle, you know that the first collision isn't often the last. As the initial strike takes place, another vehicle may collide, causing both to be struck again. The first impact may cause whiplash, broken bones, or other injuries, for instance, but a second could shatter windows, cause secondary bruising or burns, or result in head or neck injuries more serious than the first.

Can a brain injury affect my eyes?

The effects of suffering a brain injury are considerable. Many people tend to focus on the physical disabilities that might come after a brain injury. There are several other issues that occur after a person suffers a brain injury. The effects a brain injury has on the eyes are one of those little known effects that are often overlooked.

Do governments all have sovereign immunity against being sued?

If you're hurt as you cross the road, walk on the pavement of a sidewalk or while you're at a government-owned park, who can be held liable for your injuries? Usually, in this kind of situation, you can pursue a claim against the government.

Manufacturers are sometimes liable for car accidents and injuries

In one of our blog posts last week, we discussed how motor vehicle component recalls can have an impact on the safety of public roadways. Ultimately, the components that are used to make vehicles must be safe. It is up the manufacturer to ensure that the vehicles they are putting out for the public to purchase are safe. When a motor vehicle isn't safe, innocent people on the roadways can be injured or killed.

Misdiagnoses or late diagnoses: You could be at risk

Medical malpractice comes with a lot of myths, and one you might think is that malpractice, along with other kinds of medical accidents, doesn't happen very often. Unfortunately, that's not the case at all, and most people in America will have a late diagnosis or misdiagnosis at some point in their lives. When these issues happen, an attorney can help you get compensation, but sometimes, the damage is already done.

Safety considerations matter in motor vehicle component recalls

Motor vehicle recalls are very important safety measures that help to prevent accidents and injuries. All motor vehicles that are sold in this country are held to strict safety standards. When a motor vehicle doesn't meet those standards, a recall is issued. Motor vehicle recalls have to do with all components of the vehicle, including the tires.

A Key Step In Pursuing Justice Against Morcellator Manufacturers

Dozens of families across the United States have taken a crucial step in their pursuit of justice against the makers of a medical device that has led to upstaged cancer and for many women, death. The United States District Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) transferred all claims against Ethicon, one of the leading makers of the power morcellator to the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas before U.S. District Judge Kathryn H. Vratil. These claims, which will be heard in Kansas City, Kansas, allege that the makers of the power morcellator failed to adequately warn users of the risks involved with their device.

Medication errors take place in up to half of surgeries

When you go to the hospital for a surgery or seek treatment from a health care professional, the last thing you expect is to suffer from a medication error. Unfortunately, these errors do take place and can result in injuries that you may have to live with for a long time. Your attorney can help you get compensation, but that won't fix what has happened to you. The sad truth is that there are many more medication errors than necessary taking place in the world of medicine.

Winter weather car accidents can often be prevented

The frigid weather in the Washington, D.C., area is just around the corner. When those first snowflakes start drifting down, drivers will have to be prepared for driving in the wintry precipitation. When drivers aren't prepared, this type of driving can cause accidents that might lead to injury or even death.

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