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October 2015 Archives

General Motors in the news for another recall for engine fires

If you've been in a car accident because of a malfunction or defect, then you know how important it is to talk to your attorney and work to get the compensation you need. There is a limited amount of time that you have to make a claim, especially when recalls are involved. This case may be similar to yours, or it may be something that affects you directly.

Prepare for your child's future after a birth injury

In some of our previous posts, we discussed two birth injuries -- shoulder dystocia and cerebral palsy. Those two birth injuries can lead to a host of issues for the baby as he or she grows up. The injuries can also have an effect on the child's parents and other close family members.

A Petition For Change

The power morcellator is a medical device commonly used in hysterectomies. This device cuts body tissue into tiny pieces, allowing for its easy removal from the body cavity. Most women undergo hysterectomies for uterine fibroids. For women who have a type of uterine cancer, or leiomyosarcoma (LMS), the use of a power morcellator is devastating. In fact, the use of the power morcellator in hysterectomies has needlessly caused many deaths. When cancer cells are morcellated, they will spread throughout the abdomen. Consequently, what was once a treatable stage 1 cancer can turn into a stage 4 cancer in a matter of weeks or months. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been aware for years that 1 in 350 women who have surgery to remove uterine fibroids actually have LMS.

Washington, D.C. conference brings up fears of truck safety

If you've even been involved in a truck accident, you know how dangerous it is. The weight of the vehicle can crush smaller cars and trucks, causing serious and fatal injuries. Your situation may require a claim that you file with the help of your attorney to get the compensation you need, but others have taken another step. They want to protect people from these accidents by advocating for truck safety in Washington, D.C.

What is shoulder dystocia? How does it affect the woman and baby?

A woman who is in labor expects that the medical team caring for her will take care of her and her baby in a way that keeps them both safe. One thing that medical professionals have to be careful about when a woman in labor is checking to make sure that the baby isn't too large to fit in the birth canal. When a baby gets stuck in the birth canal, which is possible if shoulder dystocia occurs, the situation for the mother and her baby is very serious.

Essure, tubal ligation alternative, under fire for injury reports

If you have ever used the Essure birth control device, you may be working with your attorney to fight back and claim for the injuries you've suffered. The product itself has injured many, and now it has been the center of an FDA review that will look into complaints and see what the real problem is.

Children diagnosed with cerebral palsy face many obstacles

New parents should be able to enjoy adjusting to life with a new baby. When the baby is born with unexpected health problems that were caused by the actions of the medical staff during labor and delivery, the new parents have to learn about life with a baby who has special and often urgent needs. We understand that parents don't want to think about the possibility of their precious bundle of joy being injured by medical staff, but there are many parents who are living with that situation.

How common are never events in hospitals?

Never events, which are events that should never take place in hospitals or medical facilities, can be devastating to patients. Things like leaving foreign objects in a patient's body, for instance, constitute never events. If you've been suffering from the after-effects of a never event, then your attorney may building your case. These statistics may help you prove that you were injured as a result of lower staff levels or unsanitary environments that resulted from being at the hospital during the weekend.

Traumatic brain injury linked to risky behavior in teens

There is no doubt that traumatic brain injuries can affect lives. The victim of the TBI can suffer from physical difficulties. They can also suffer from mental or emotional turmoil. When a teenager suffers from a TBI, there is another issue that comes into the picture.

5 killed in horrific accident at Maryland intersection

Speeding, drinking and driving, and other negligent acts are dangerous and put people's lives at risk. Even negligent people understand that fact, but if they still put your life at risk, then you deserve the chance to seek compensation and to make a claim in court. That's what one woman who survived a horrific crash in Washington, D.C., is doing now as the only survivor in the victim's vehicle and the mother to two of the fatally injured victims.

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