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August 2015 Archives

Product defects can lead to injury or death, take action today!

Defective products can alter lives in a variety of manners. In some cases, the defective product can end a consumer's life, which then alters the life of every family member who loves the deceased person. This is why it is vital that product designers and manufacturers ensure the products they sell are safe when consumers use them as intended. We understand that having your life affected by a defective product is a traumatic experience. You might decide that you want to hold the manufacturer or product designer accountable for the defective product.

Do brand names cause confusion and medication errors?

A recent brand-name miscommunication and confusion led to dozens of medication errors, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA had to issue an alert after there were around 50 reports of two drugs being confused due to their brand names being similar.

Proof of a defective product needed for product liability cases

Consumers who purchase products assume that the products are safe when they are used in the intended manner. Many companies ensure that the products they sell are safe, but there are other instances in which the product isn't safe even when it is used according to the instructions. When an injury occurs while a product is being used in accordance with the intended use and while the person is following the directions, the injured victim might opt to seek compensation for their injuries. This is also the case if the product is defective.

Get help dealing with insurance companies after an accident

It is no secret that car accidents can lead to serious injuries or death. The issue that comes up right after the accident is getting medical care for the injuries or making plans for the final arrangements if the victim passed away. Medical care and final expenses are costly, so they might put financial pressure on the victim or the victim's family members.

What is drugged driving?

Just like drunk driving, drugged driving is dangerous for people on the road. There are all kinds of impairing substances available legally and illegally today, so it's not difficult for a person to get high or to be inebriated. The problem isn't that a person has chosen to get drunk or high -- it's that the person has chosen to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and put your life at risk.

Prescription errors vary but all can cause patient harm

In one of our blogs last week, we discussed how important it is for doctors to take a variety of considerations into account when they are prescribing medications. These considerations include known medical conditions, other medications being taken and the medical diagnosis, as well as others. When a doctor doesn't properly factor all of those considerations into a prescription choice, the patient can suffer serious harm.

Brain injury study shows lasting effects in children

If you've suffered a traumatic brain injury or have a child who suffered an accident like a concussion or bleeding on the brain, you may have noticed some behavioral changes. It's not uncommon for changes to occur, at least in the short term, because the brain has been damaged. The most important step in treating these conditions is seeking medical help, and if your case was caused by negligence, seeking the compensation you need to cover the help you need now and in the future.

Genetic heart condition may make certain medications unsafe

When a medical provider prescribes a medication, the provider has to take a lot of information into account. Medical conditions, medical history and other medications are some of the factors that must be considered. If any of those factors could interact negatively with the medication, the benefit of prescribing the medication has to be weighed against the negative interactions.

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