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Eye injuries after a car accident can be serious

The impact of a car accident can make glass shatter and send objects in the vehicle flying around. In some cases, that flying debris can lead to eye injuries. It is vital that you ensure that eye injuries are properly cared for. Failing to obtain proper medical care can lead to permanent damage.

A very serious eye issue that can occur as the result of a car accident is having a foreign body penetrate the eye. Trying to remove the object from the eye can cause extreme damage. Instead, try to cover the eye with something loose, such as a paper cup, if possible. Seek emergency care immediately.

Another serious injury, but not quite as serious as a foreign body embedded in the eye, is a corneal abrasion. This condition is also known as a scratched eye. It can be caused by something as simple as a piece of dust getting caught against the eye and then rubbing your eye. Medical care can help you to determine a suitable treatment plan for your injury.

A chemical burn to the eye is another serious injury. This can be caused by the alkali powder that is emitted by the airbag when it goes off during an automobile accident. Immediate irrigation of the eye is necessary. As is the case with other eye injuries, seeking medical care is vital if you think you suffered a chemical burn to the eye. Remember that alkali burns might not be red or painful right away because these substances aren't acids.

All injuries in a car accident can be serious. Seeking medical care is vital, but can be costly. You might be able to minimize the cost of the medical care by seeking compensation for the accident.

Source: All About Vision, "How to Handle Common Eye Injuries," Burt Dubow, OD, accessed July 18, 2015

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