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July 2015 Archives

Don't let diagnosis errors ruin your future

When you go to the doctor with a problem, you take your situation very seriously. You know you're not well, and you want the care you deserve. Doctors have an obligation to provide you with the best care available meeting care standards. You have a right to a second opinion, and you can discuss your illness or disability with your medical provider for additional help.

Common mistakes that lead to power tool accidents

Power tools make some home improvement projects easier than they would be if you had to do them using only hand tools. That increased ease comes with an greater safety risk. Following proper safety procedures and using the power tools in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions are vital.

Eye injuries after a car accident can be serious

The impact of a car accident can make glass shatter and send objects in the vehicle flying around. In some cases, that flying debris can lead to eye injuries. It is vital that you ensure that eye injuries are properly cared for. Failing to obtain proper medical care can lead to permanent damage.

Defective furnaces: Don't get burned by a lack of compensation

If a furnace is defective, there are several kinds of things that could go wrong. If the furnace is a gas furnace, a gas leak could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning in the home. If there is a sudden burst of electricity to an electric furnace and it's improperly shielded, a fire or explosion could take place.

Seek compensation after an injury due to dangerous lots

Suffering an injury at any time is inconvenient, but when the accident could have been avoided, it can be downright frustrating. In Washington, D.C., you are familiar with paying for parking in parking garages and parking in busy parking lots, but that doesn't mean you're expecting to get into an accident. When the accident is due to damage in the lot, that can be infuriating and leave you with questions about your rights.

Car accidents can be a real pain in the neck

Whiplash is an injury that can lead to serious problems after a car accident. There are some people who think of whiplash as a fake injury. Some of those people might have gotten the idea from the episode on Sanford and Son when Bubba is able to convince Fred to fake a whiplash injury after a minor accident. The truth of the matter is that whiplash is a very real injury.

How do misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose occur?

Going to the doctor when you are sick is one step in getting the treatments you need. In many cases, that is exactly what happens. In other cases, the doctor doesn't make a timely diagnosis or makes an incorrect diagnosis. When that happens, your condition might deteriorate until you need extensive medical care or until treatment is no longer possible. If you have been through that situation, you might want to know how you can prove what happened in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

$500,000 awarded for medical malpractice in colonoscopy case

If you've had to undergo surgery in the past and received general anesthetics, you trusted that your doctors were being kind, professional and gentle with you. When you're under general anesthetic, you're at your most vulnerable point. You can't object to procedures or mention unusual pain; you can't ask the team to stop working or to stop being crass.

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